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Found 1639 results

  1. I think I asked for this before, but not in a specific topic. I need to know at the detailed level how Blender's Principled BSDF shader maps to BJS. The BJS relevant doc seems to be: Blender describes the shader here: There is no place in the Blender API docs which layout how to access / set this, but there is this:
  2. Hello HTML game devs. First time poster. Some textures aren't appearing in babylon.js in a tile set I exported from blender using the Blender To Babylon 5.6 exporter. Here is the tile set scene in blender, as well as a simple hand crafted scene built in blender using the tiles to give an idea of what the final product should look like. . Here is the default tile set scene imported into babylon.js as well as a scene generated by from my map-generation script. Despite my horrible lighting, it's clear the wall texture is not being rendered in all the models. Neither the exporter or babylon.js are generating any errors or warnings. Here is an archive containing the .babylon file and textures Here is the blender exporter log I am new to 3D rendering and only have a basic understanding of Materials, Lighting, UV Maps and Textures, so if somebody could have a crack at it I'd really appreciate it.
  3. Howdy friends, Got an issue I'm trying to sort out with how I want to customize the input controls for the ArcRotate Camera. I'd like to take the existing ArcRotate Camera and keep the Alpha inputs standard, but update the Beta inputs to move the lockedTarget of the camera. So imagine "scrolling" the canvas would move the camera and instead of move the Beta of the camera. Unclear where to begin on this. @Deltakosh I'd setup a playground but given it wouldn't be much more than the default ArcRotate template I've not done that here. Thanks for any help/suggestions! JPS
  4. Hi, I am new to babylon.js.I am trying to add a restart button,so that on clicking game/scene should restart.Can you guys share right way to do this?
  5. Hello, (working better in Chrome than Safari) <edit> I have changed the background to white and it seems that the issue is not just the seems but that the transparent portions seem to show when viewed on edge.</edit> I'm new to BabylonJS and have been working on different implementations of the Menger Sponge fractal to learn the framework. I'm on my third implementation now which allows me to quickly generate an L4 Menger sponge using only 984 vertices!!!! I accomplish this by using 81 planes in each dimension that have different parts of the Sierpinski carpet as materials. I'm having issues with artifacts/seams where perpendicular planes are intersecting and I'm not sure where to go with it. (artifact may be the wrong term) I've Googled but may not be using the best search terms. I've tried re-creating my textures in case the images were off by a few pixels but that doesn't seem to be the problem. Moving the camera show the artifacts/seams blinking in and out, specifically around the hollow center. It makes it look like it is assembled with small blocks but it isn't. That is where the planes intersect. At certain angles with certain lighting they seem to disappear which leads me to believe they are artifact related and not due to the texture images. My goal is to make this into a single multi-material object that I can instance to get really intricate sponges utilizing very little resources. Thanks for your time and any ideas/advice. -mc
  6. Hi. I don't want to be a pain, but there is no way to fix problem with transparency "by default"? As example gltf viewer with 3js And our sandbox This was exported from 3dsMax, with Verge3D plugin. It is hard to convince people to choose babylonjs if from begining their model doesn't look too good. For me this problem was almost solved. See here. But still one problem, if zoom-in and rotate looks like the glass disapear I tried all combinations from here, but I'm missing something.
  7. I have been tasked to create a add to a camera some functionality thats in Google Earth(link below). The basics is you and shift drag to Yaw around the point you clicked on. Then there is pitch as you move up and down which can be offset from the center. I am using FreeCamera control as was able to get the offcenter yaw but the pitch is kicking my butt. Hoping one of you math wizards can give me an idea on how to get this to work.,-86.14125787,207.84151084a,1446.24993683d,35y,-51.2030513h,4.07157441t,0r Click 3D then hit shift on your keyboard and left mouse drag and you can see how the pitch and yaw work. Thanks for any ideas.
  8. Basically I try to edit the top of the cylinder in vertices, giving impression that there is grain in a storage unit. I have this: I look for the result only of the grain as shown in the attached image:
  9. Hi everyone, one quick question: Is it possibel to set preventDefaultOnPointerDown for babylonjs GUI? PG example: The move method is only called if the pointer is not down. Can i change that?
  10. The Noise Texture was added can not run after start GPUParticleSystem and ParticleSystem. GPU version: CPU version: (pls see console).
  11. I've noticed that CreateScreenshot will capture particles but CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget doesn't. Does anyone know how to capture particles with the render target capturing method?
  12. Hi guys. When trying to create new animations by combining animation in the NLA editor and exporting to BJS, the mesh is getting deformed on playing any animations. I'm pretty sure I'm messing something up. Please have a look and let me know what I'm doing wrong when combining animations in NLA editor and exporting to BJS. I have attached the blend files before and after creating a new animation in NLA editor. The new animation created in NLA editor is named 'combined.walk.punch.action'. Most of the time I'm seeing the 'Venom' character from the movie, if I combine actions in NLA editor and bake them into the armature. Not able to attach the blend files directly to the site. Sharing the links. I genuinely hope, I can export NLA combined animations BJS. It would save a lot of work. Before NLA - After NLA - Please let me know what is the issue. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, I have not coded in a while but have been doing some playing lately. I have been working on a simple control class for assetmanager for a multi level type game. I have run into a bit of an issue inside the .onSucess. as soon as the engine hits the this.library[] line Babylon skips that line and everything else inside onSucess. I can add in statements inside the { above that line and it works fine, but something right at that line is wonky which has had me stumped for a good hour. Advice? Oh, and yes, I know I am way to addicted to using ; and they are not necessary. Just still feels weird. Find and replace at the end I guess :\ class Assets{ constructor(destiny){ this.destiny = destiny; this.scene = destiny.scene; this.initalized = false; this.assetsManager = new BABYLON.AssetsManager(this.scene); this.library = {}; // loaded template model library object }; queMeshTask(meshURL, meshName){ var meshPath = meshURL + meshName + "/"; var meshFullName = meshName + ".obj"; if(debugModeOn==1){dm("Queue Mesh: " + meshPath + meshFullName, 1)}; var meshTask = this.assetsManager.addMeshTask(meshName, "", meshPath, meshFullName); meshTask.onSuccess = function(task){ this.library[] = task.loadedMeshes; // <-- This and anything after it within the onSuccess {} will not execute. HELP! if(debugModeOn==1){ dm( + " has been initialized.", 1)}; // dm = in game console debugger for(i=0; i < task.loadedMeshes.length; i++){ task.loadedMeshes[i].isVisible = false; // hide the library meshes }; this.scene.getObjectByName(meshName).initNode(this.library[]); }; }; initLoading(engine){ this.assetsManager.onProgress = function(remainingCount, totalCount, lastFinishedTask) { engine.loadingUIText = 'Please stand by. Items Remaining ' + remainingCount + ' out of ' + totalCount + '...'; }; this.assetsManager.onFinish = function (tasks) { dm("Success, All Assets Loaded", 1); this.initalized = true; }; this.assetsManager.load(); }; };
  14. Dear there, what is the bet development environment for Babylon.js (for intellisense included)? Thank for your ansver in advance.
  15. That is a really really simple example that works ok with the providen url boxMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("", scene, ["cubeSide_nx.jpg", "cubeSide_nx.jpg", "cubeSide_nx.jpg", "cubeSide_nx.jpg", "cubeSide_nx.jpg", "cubeSide_nx.jpg"]); but fails using my own server boxMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("", scene, ["SalonA_nx.jpg", "SalonA_nx.jpg", "SalonA_nx.jpg", "SalonA_nx.jpg", "SalonA_nx.jpg", "SalonA_nx.jpg"]); Obviously you can get the SalonA_nx.jpg file without problem using that url. Any tip about this? thank you in advance and sorry for being such newbie!
  16. Good day everyone, I have a simple question: where I am using transformNode.lookAt method, wich is parent of all lookAt methods, how can I understand where is the face? For example, I put the cube on the scene, and used lookAt of cube at some point, which side of cube will face this point? (which side of cube will look at this point) ?
  17. Refer to the demo below, a GUI line can connect a mesh & a control at the same time by using: line.linkWithMesh(sphere); line.connectedControl = rect1; However, what I want to achieve is that let GUI line link with 2 meshes, each at the end of the line. (eg. line.linkWithMesh(sphere1, sphere2); Is there any way to achieve this?
  18. I think I've got myself in a bit of a problem with light.... What I've currently got is this What I'd like is something like this - but it seems the wrong way of doing it - I'd like the blocks to be the same material but for the light to darken on the more distant blocks, but then to lighten if they move closer to the camera. Should I be using Spotlight? Am I using it in the wrong way? Help please!
  19. Good day everyone, here is playground attempt: I'm trying to make movement from point1 to point2 by arcus of sphere, and the core goal is to prevent gimbal lock in points of pi/2. Example demonstrates my attemps to make movement from the end of red line to the end of green line though rotating with quaternions around their cross product. The question is: should start quaternion be from target.position.toQuaternion() ? which property should be used in animation object? Thank you for any advices and notes. Theoretically, to rotate object around some axis via Quaternion I should make quaternion with rule (w, v), where w = cos(a/2), and v = n*(sin/a2), where a - is my angle, n - rotation axis, then convert it to the rotation matrix, and use this matrix to prevent gimble lock on the position transform. But in animation it is not working, I do not understand why. I am sure I am doing something wrong with BABYLON API, but I can not find the problem.
  20. Hi, How to generate a 360 degree image from a given model and a camera? Thanks in advance.
  21. I have a canvas and want to use it's content as a texture. I assume there is a way to use dynamicTexture for that, but couldn't find out a way to do that. I've created a demo here: I'd like to use the content of the canvas ("Hello World") as the texture for the plane. (I know that I could write the text directly to the dynamicTexture. The text in the example is only for demo purposes. In my project it won't be text.)
  22. Hello, recently i met a problem and it really troubles me. I use BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append() to load the .glb file(export from Max2babylon plugin) and it failed. The browser said: "Unable to load from ../BIM/incremental/helin.glb: importScene of undefined from undefined version: undefined, exporter version: undefinedimportScene has failed JSON parse". then i load the .gltf file, The browser said: "Unable to load from ../BIM/incremental/helin.gltf: loadAssts of unknown". It's really wired, huh? After that i use the same project load .babylon file(also export from Max2babylon plugin) correctly to make sure it's not the problem with project. And i test to load the .gltf file in a plain html file and it works, so i think it's no the problem with the file and the peoject. So i think it's a bug.(no offense)
  23. Hi, I would like when I start the device orientation camera that the orientation is as a real world? For example, if I create 4 cubes around me with north, east, west and south, I want to see the north cube when my smartphone is facing north. Thank you very much in advance for your help. Stephan
  24. As the title suggests, I think there's a strafing bug with this camera. Using the left/right arrow keys to strafe also causes the camera to rotate. Forward motion also behaves strangely. This makes for very confusing controls when simultaneously moving the mouse to pivot the camera. I've tried this in both the stable and latest versions. I also provided a Universal camera to show the difference in behaviors.
  25. Well, my codes were working fine yesterday, this morning something went awry with my pointer observables. Dug a little into it and found similar reproducible results in . The playground example ( is working fine for the stable version, when I switch to latest version, clicking on the sphere or plane no longer triggers the pointerup event until I doubleclick. Consistent in the console log as well.