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Found 79 results

  1. Appreciate any support
  2. Figured I'd make my first entry into this thread with the first game that I created, Space-Fighters: Asteroid Field (excuse the cliché naming). Play it here: The object of the game is to stay alive as long as you can. At some point in the future I plan on revisiting this game and giving it a revamp with features like highscores and hopefully better graphics(as currently I'm creating art assets), though I will be keeping this version live as a reference to my starting point. There are other games live on the site but I'm dedicating this post for Game #1 as I feel that most of the others need to be reworked, though feedback on any of my games is more than welcomed and for the most part needed. Looking forward to getting some feedback, but primarily I hope you enjoy the game!
  3. I'm currently working on my second HTML5 game, Luminarium. It's a space-themed puzzle game with a lightweight physics engine, and should perform well on mobile: Play here. The aim of the game is to command the Lumin race to bring light back to dark planets. You have various directional commands at your disposal, as well as an orbit command introduced scene 3. You can move and size the various commands. Only Lumins the same colour as a planet will light it. Lumins change colour when they pass through a coloured gas cloud. Wormholes are introduced in scene 4. I'd appreciate any feedback you have, particularly with regards to gameplay and performance, in the game's current state. As this is a demo, I've made the locked levels playable also . There are currently 48 levels across 4 scenes, and I have another scene of 12 levels planned. There will eventually be different background graphics for each scene. Sound effects and music are on the TODO list, and the level selection menu needs a little work (as does my rather pedestrian description of the game ). I'm also aware of some current drawing and layout issues, particularly if the device is rotated (or window is resized). Thank you in advance, and hope you enjoy the game! Vince.
  4. Planet Rescue's a physics-based puzzle game. Can you help the Lumins rescue planets from eternal darkness? There's a demo version here, with all levels playable (despite showing the lock symbol). The game is a reworking of Luminarium, based on feedback. I've spent a couple of weeks refreshing the graphics, improving the menu system, making the control system (hopefully) clearer, and replacing tutorial text with pictures. I've also made improvements to the drawing code. Luminarium was previously posted here. I'd be grateful for any feedback, particularly with regards to the points I've mentioned above. Many thanks, and hope you enjoy the game! Vince.
  5. I wrote an edit box in Phaser which is working perfectly apart from one detail. When I try to delete existing text and enter a new string, it cannot delete the first character. After some poking around I found it is due to this code being carried over into Phaser: PIXI.Text.prototype.setText = function(text){this.text = text.toString() || ' ';this.dirty = true;};When I delete the last character in a string then try to assign the now empty string to the Text.text field, it is being replaced with a space. Apparently this was to prevent a PIXI crash when an empty string was encountered... but maybe that's been fixed now? Is there a reason why I shouldn't try to fix this by using '' instead of ' '? Empty strings are normally quite acceptable, but perhaps there's something deeper inside which I haven't spotted yet. I've already changed Phaser and it seems stable with the change, but as Phaser likes to mimic PIXI when functions are duplicated/similar I probably can't get that into the main branch without a similar change to PIXI.
  6. Hello I need some help about light in the space, actually I want to create sun and eclipse in space i try to create that but i couldn't could you please help me i need Sun and shadow of moon on the earth thanks best regards
  7. Hi, I've finally released my first mobile game, Cosmo Starglider! Have you ever wanted to shoot robots in space with a laser-gun? Yeah, me too, but wake up that's not happening bub. Something you can do though is try my new game for free! It's in space so that's similar at least. You are Cosmo, alone in space, gliding among the stars with your jetpack. But an horrific amount of mysterious asteroids are in your way. How long can you survive? How far will you get? Right now you can only try to beat yourself and your closest friends, but get your practice going, because in a week you will be able to compare yourself with the rest of the world! Here's the link if you want to check it out (please do!): (Newer mobiles recommended, inexperienced programming on my part can cause lag) Feedback wildly appreciated! You can do that by rating or on the links below! And for more info on our games and updates, find us here: And on my twitter: @jagekiwi Go indiedevs, cheers!
  8. Hi guys, I am back with my second wade game. It is a top down shooter, you have to fight through the different wave types to progress as far as you can. I feel that the weapons might be a little strong in the late game, I created the asteroid wave to try and offset this as you become almost unbeatable when you have all the weapon upgrades, but I want to see what everyone thinks. Here is the game And here are some screen shots Hope you enjoy
  9. Greetings cadets , I want to show you our new cross-platform game "Save Planet". The game is about the bunch of asteroids that are going to attack the Earth and your mission is to destroy all this space debris. But you are limited with ammo so you need to use it wisely. Tap on the screen area to aim and shoot. Try to destroy as many asteroids as you can with one ball. The more asteroids you hit the points you get. The game consists of more than 40 captivating levels. Here's a link. Hope you'll like it
  10. I (@DrSeanWalton) have been working on a space simulation game with my brother in law Barry (@Half_Hit_Points). The game has realistic gravitational effects i.e. the gravity in the solar systems you explore are fully modelled, asteroids orbit planets which orbit the sun. This (we hope) makes things interesting but tricky, so I'd love some feedback on the controls. I have implemented gamepad support using phaser but a recent chrome update stopped it working, I will be adding it back in the future, for now it's keyboard. It works best in chrome. You can play the game here More information can be found on my blog here and Barry's blog here
  11. Hello people! I've now finished a game I recently started developing, called "Matrix Invaders". The game is some kind of action side-scrolling shooter, in which your mission is to destroy the mighty enemies. But wait.. Didn't you say MATRIX!? That's right, in this game all characters are colored matrixes. You are the green one, enemies are red. Simple! How about gameplay? Well let's see: Your goal, as I said before, is to destroy the enemies. You do that by blasting them with a bullet, launced with the space button. When enough enemies have been destroyed, you'll move on to the next level, in which the difficulty is increased. The game features a total of 5 level, but let me warn you, it's pretty hard! I got the idea when trying to create a matrix rain animation, but as my computer is not much of a gaming-pc, it could on take a few drops, and the animation suddenly reminded me of Space Invaders. So I thought: "Hey! I make games, why don't I make such a game!?" And so I did.. Further more the game supports full Xbox 360 controller support in Chrome, and soon in Firefox too. I hope you'll like my game Play it here!
  12. yortuc

    Space Roll

    hi, this is my first game developed with Phaser. hope you enjoy. direct game link: detalis:
  13. would the space saved from having a spritesheet of letters be worth all the trouble of working out ways to place them or just have a spritesheet of all the words you'll be using? what would you guys deem more efficient? space saved/time saved ratio edit 1: yes i know that it depends on how many words are used.
  14. Hello, I've finished my second game, hopefully this one is better than the previous one. You are sent on a mission to rescue crew members on an alien planet. You need to fly your way through obstacles and enemies. Hope you like it!
  15. I'm very pleased to announce the debut of SpaceShip Highway on the Nuggeta play store! Click the link below to play!!game/spaceshiphighway_3ce6c33d-6a0f-4b07-b256-571db26577a2 Its a simple game where you find yourself on the wrong side of a highway IN SPACE and you have to dodge your way in increasing traffic to beat the highscores. I have integrated Nuggeta's cool APIs for global highscores and achievements boards. They are a really cool bunch and be sure to check them out here -!home for their dev portal and!store for their games portal.
  16. Hi, I appreciate your honest opinions about this game that I'm developing
  17. Hey guys! Here's my first HTML5 game (created with Phaser!): Vacuum Guy. Tap, hold, or click to move the "Vacuum Guy" around the world. Collect particles of energy to bring the space around you to life. Also, don't hit the squares, those kill you You can play the game here: My game development blog (with more info and such): I'm a young developer and this is my first game in HTML5, so I welcome feedback and discussion. Thank you
  18. Space Flight Hi! We just finished up another game, this one is called Space Flight. Use your finger to trace a path from incoming ships to the appropriate colored stations. As the game progresses, you will get more ships, stations, and unique upgrades that make managing your space port easier, but more challenging at the same time! Manage the universe's busiest space station! Help Mr. Warply figure out how to land all the ships coming to land at his stations. Several different stations, ship colors and additional challenges await you as you progress! Can you master this skill? Please let us know your thoughts! Play Space Flight Right Here! Play Space Flight Right Here!
  19. My first HTML5 game Rotate blocks, launch the rocket, hit the bull's eye! Can you complete all 20 levels? Play game: Any feedback and tests are appericated The issuse with loading screen will be fixed.
  20. Hi guys, I just finished making my first HTML5 game with Phaser! Here is a link to the game, it is made to be played on mobile. Drag the guy to move, tap to shoot. Hold to do a power shot and hold to shoot your upgraded weapons. *edit* added instructions in game.
  21. Pixel5Games


    Hey everyone! My name is Brad and I am a new html5 developer seeking sponsorship. This is my first post here on HTML5 Game Dev Forums. I thought the Game Showcase forum would be the best place to start. So here is one of my games! Let me know what you think! I look forward to the feedback. TITLE: OZONE LINK: DESCRIPTION: Earth's ozone layer is shrinking! It's up to you to heal the ozone! Bond atoms to create many different kinds of molecules and compounds. Some of them will help you, some of them will not! Create ozone (O3) and water (H2O) to help the ozone. But you must be quick to avoid chlorine atoms! They will increase your ozone depletion rate. Try to earn three unlockable badges and survive as long as you can.
  22. Journey Into Space Description Journey Into Space is a survival game in which you must dodge endless amounts of flying meteors and spaceships, while trying to collect as many stars as you can to unlock the next Space Rocket! ScreenShots Controls Click then use the mouse to move If playing on your phone, touch to move Game Link: Note: If possible could you try it on your phone as I've only managed to test it on my ipod touch 4th gen
  23. DiscoFish


    Hi guys! I will be grateful for feedback and test for my game! Description: Throw your cute Wasabi combatant up to the infinity! Absorb sweetness on ultrasonic speed, feel the cosmic wind, but be careful - avoid uneatable stuff!Banzai! PLAY!
  24. Hey guys! I just came up with this awesome, retro, space action game! It's simple: Shoot all incoming aliens, and don't get hit. Controls: Space: shoot. Left and Right Arrow: Move left and Right. Play this game now! Space action Please leave a comment if you liked it, or if you have any changes Screenshots:
  25. COMETS - space reflex game I originally made this game for js13kgames competition. Play my 18th place desktop game here.Its almost complete and I have hosted the source code here As I am not good with color and design selections so designers are welcome to send a pull request orany other idea you got then contact me audsin or post it in the comments. And feel free to bash.