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Found 79 results

  1. Hi there Together with End3r we have created "Captain Rogers - Asteroid Belt of Sirius" game. That's my first Html5 game (but I've been doing them in some other, darker technology for some time now;). You play as bold Captain Rogers, who escapes from evil Kershan invaders through an asteroid field. (there'll be many more games with Captain Rogers - we have 4 much bigger titles in the production at the moment - Play the game here: Of course the game is available for non-exclusive license. Ping me on design[at] to discuss the details. Your comments on the game are welcome:)
  2. Screenshot: Play it here This my game Space Shooter , which is the first HTML5 game I publish, the game should be played on a mobile device. Please test it on your devices and give me feedback and which devices you used, Feedback is most appreciated , and harsh criticism is appreciated also. Please test this game on your devices , and tell me which you've tested on. 4th generation iPod [•] 3rd generation iPhone [ ] 5th generation iPhone/iPod [ ] 1st generation iPad [•] Android phone [ ] Android tablet [ ] Windows phone [ ] Thanks a lot!
  3. Hey, I have developed an early 80's styled arcade shooter called Huoli Arcade. It's available for play here: Huoli Arcade - Brooklyn CodeBits (NEW LINK! USES MY WEBCADEJS GAME LIBRARY) It even has gamepad/joystick support for certain browsers. You can double click to toggle full screen. I hope you guys like it!
  4. Play ONLINE now! Stranger than Fiction is a word-puzzle game in which you will decipher the stories of the people who once lived on a now-desolate planet. Uncover the secrets of a once great alien people through their scriptures! Solve word puzzles to translate foreign passages into English! Learn of a staggering tower and the passions that built it! Credits:Music by wandshrank ( )Nova Square font by wmk69 ( )Inconsolata font by Raph Levien ( )Testing by Ursula Huxtable ( ) Play now!