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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone ! I've seen that a particleSystem as an emitter attribute, where the particles come from. However I didn't see anything about a "receiver" attribute, in order not only to emit particles from one point but to really create a stream of particles between 2 points. I know I can kind of simulate that with the direction of the particles, their speed, their lifetime, etc... but the point here is to have a simple way to change emitters and receivers so we can create stream between 2 objects on demand. Is there a way to do so ? Big thanks !
  2. Hi Is it possible to make videoTexture with rtsp stream on it or shader that can show rtsp stream?
  3. Hi, Is this possible to use video stream in videotexture? I'm trying to use video stream as video texture but object with this material doesn't display in the browser at all. This is how I'm creating the texture: var videoTexture = new BABYLON.VideoTexture("video", ["http://localhost:8090/test.webm"], scene, false, false); I can display the stream itself in browser without any problem and console says browser has loaded the file with OK status. If I use video file from disk instead of stream url it displays fine.
  4. Is this possible with Babylon, as creating a new BABYLON.Sound will preload your song fully before you can listen to it. I basically want it to download parts. When you have a 10 minute song, I don't want it to download all the 10 minutes, I want it to download the part it's currently playing + some minutes.