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Found 203 results

  1. jake

    Tiled Map Sizes

    Hello everyone, So I've been testing out Phaser (I love the API btw) with a tiled map but I've been having performance issues. The map consists of 12 layers at 100 x 100 units (which are 16 x 16 pixels) and when traversing the map with the arrow keys it's quite slow. I don't know if I'm doing this optimally within Phaser so I'll just share code snippet I'm using. If there isn't issues with my code, could anyone tell me if Phaser would have problems handling maps this size or larger? Thanks.
  2. Is there a way to using multiple tilesets in a tilemap? I've checked that the parameters in TilemapLayer constructor doesn't support tileset array.
  3. Hi guys, I'm trying to create a basic tile scroller. At the moment, I'm creating all the tiles as sprites and then laying them out in a grid. Seems a little silly to have these "smart" sprites making up a tiled background map. Is there not some kind of "dumb" sprite that renders ultra-quickly that I should be using instead to render a tile? I'm also creating my worlds in a 2 dimensional static array of numbers as the map. Is this the smart way to do it? Thanks, Spider