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Found 2 results

  1. Play Curvatron (Web) Get Curvatron for Android Some info: Tested on Chrome but should work on any HTML5 capable browser. Some stuff might not work properly on all browsers, like the text fonts, sound effects, or music. Also works on mobile browsers (single player only), but there will probably be performance issues. Me and a friend of mine made this game in about a week. We just finished cleaning up some bugs so we could release this Beta and see what people think of the game. Still needs to be optimized, performance will drop when players get too big. Single Player: There aren't any instructions in the game for now, so if you're lost: you can control the snake by using the Q key (default, can be changed) or by clicking/touching the screen. This makes the rotating snake change directions. Regular snake rules apply, with the player colliding with itself and collecting the gold circles to make itself bigger. Multiplayer: Each player is assigned a button, and the players don't collide with themselves, only with each other. The biggest player gets the crown, and the last player to have the crown wins. Ties don't really work very well right now. The basic single player mode is pretty much completely done (although we have a lot of ideas for other game modes), but the multiplayer mode still needs some work. Should still be fun with a few friends. Good luck trying to play with 8 people on the same keyboard, though. I still need to work on some stuff so people can use any key on the keyboard and not just the letters/numbers, and also let people play with a game controller. Hope you like it, but if you don't, please tell me why
  2. Hello everyone! I'm here to let you discover the first game that I publish on the internet. (Because in reality this is my second game). So to explain the game, it's a mixture (at least in my mind) between a snake and a armagetron. The name itself comes from (Tron + Snake = Trake). This game has been developed to be played with friends on a single keyboard. You can play alone but there is really no interest. The two main additions are the ability to shoot and sprint. For the rest, you will discover soon enough . Commands to control the different snakes are explained on the homepage of the game It is currently hosted on "" and you can play it at: As regards the technical aspect, it has been realized with the Framework Html5 Phaser JS. For the future, it has been recommended to me to create a version that would be playable on the internet. It would also be possible to add bots to play alone. I especially awaiting the opinion of the people to decide the result of this project. Finally, the game has been tested on the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox without any problems. Do not hesitate to give me your feedback! Update (08/15/2014) - Bots - Graphic changes - Bug fix