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Found 2 results

  1. I created these four groups: underlayer_group =; npc_group =; overlayer_group =; transtions_group =; I set these depth factor to help me sorting them: underlayer_group.depth = 1; npc_group.depth = 2; overlayer_group.depth = 3; transtions_group.depth = 4; The problem is: In some moments of the game, I use removeAll() method from the groups underlayer_group and overlayer_group to remove their children, so I can add new children. Here is how I add them: this.map_sprite = game.add.tilemap(this.key_name); this.map_sprite.addTilesetImage(this.tileset_name, this.key_name); for(var i = 0; i < this.sprite.layers.length; i++){ var layer = this.sprite.createLayer(this.sprite.layers[i].name); layer.resizeWorld(); overlayer_group.addChild(layer); } I was hoping that only creating the groups in that initial order, I would not have problems with their z order. But I'm having. New layers come over transitions_group. So I created the depth property to help me sort after children insertion like this:'depth', Phaser.Group.SORT_ASCENDING); But this is also not working. What can I do to sort my groups properly? ---------- EDIT It seems that only the group with a graphic sprite (rectangle) is not working properly...
  2. Hi, I'm not sure what exactly is the issue here but, i have a mesh which is exported from Max with a simple material with jpg in diffuse and a b+w jpg in the opacity slot. For some reason this is rendering in Babylon almost as if the normals are inverted, or maybe as if there is some z-sorting issue going on ( ie the object is not transparent, but where parts of the object visually overlap itself on screen there seems to be transparency, hence why i'm thinking maybe z issues ).. The alpha itself seems to be working as expected, and the material inside babylon appears to be set up correctly with the jpg showing up as the materials 'opacityTexture' etc.. Any clues what's going on? I've tried checking mesh normals inside Max etc everything is fine :/