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Found 3 results

  1. Here is some Phaser 3 / SignalR multiplayer Tanks game for desktop or mobile: Please PLEASE send me some feed on your first glance of the game, and thank you in advance!! Edit (2019-Dec-19 10:25 p.m.): Fixed canvas for mobile but im working on buttons, so desktop meanwhile Edit (2019-Dec-21 06:02 p.m.): Added mobile joystick and button to shoot, it enables/disables when u r on mobile or not, in PC uses arrows and space bar. Added some console to check on objects. Edit (2019-Dec-23 12:13 a.m.): Added preload screen, ordered some messed code, and added Ping number to console. Soon: Players Hall of Fame! Edit (2019-Dec-25 10:42 p.m.): Had some problems with my hosting, so moved to Azure and now websockets work nicesly!. Fixed some animation and bugs too. Edit (2019-Dec-28 10:06 p.m.): Added High Score, now dead players/bots drop some "hearts" that give the one who take it some health, added input for "Player Name" to score the High Score. Edit (2019-Dec-29 10:06 p.m.): Fixed some bot AI issues to improve performance. Edit (2020-Jan-04 12:39 a.m.): Added tile map (and map collision logic applied to tile map).
  2. I came up with this idea for an web application that needs to integrate with a JavaScript game, that's when I came across Phaser. I'm a backend developer by trade but learning JavaScript so any help here will be appreciated. What I'm trying to do: Create a website with ASP.NET and Bootstrap that would allow users to login and manage their profiles. In the member area of the website, you can play this very simple game that I'd like to create using Phaser (hopefully). The actions the user can make in the game will be available depending on the user's "available moves" that are tied to the user's profile. Example - The game will load and gets Billy's information from the session id, Billy has "three moves" that are stored on a SQL DB, to move in the game Billy will hit the "right arrow"(in-game), a HTTP request will check Billy's account to see if he has "available moves", if so, the game will process the request to "move right" and deduct 1 move from Billy's account, if he has no moves, the game will not continue or process the click or touch response. For security reasons I'd like the application server to own the logic of part of the game so that hacking or manipulating of code has to be validated before actions can be made in the game. I hope this makes sense. My question, is Phaser capable of this type implementation? Thank you!
  3. Hi, This is meant as help to anyone that runs into the same problem as I did. I install the 3ds Max babylon exporter as explained in the repository. I downloaded the file and exported all dlls and directories in the respective subdirectory of 3ds max 2017. When I was starting 3ds max up, it would however not load the assemblies. I would get an error from the .NET framework saying that it cannot load any property that was downloaded from a network. The error message would roughly look like the picture attached. Google research suggest to deinstall the .NET framework (which is almost impossibly to do under Windows 10), update your graphic card drivers or select another graphic card driver in the 3ds max preferences. NONE OF THEM WORK! It was driving me nuts. I solved the problem like follows: Open the directory where you copied your dlls into ("YOUR3DSMAXDIRECTORY"/bin/assemblies). Right click on every dll that you copied into that directory. Select "unblock" from the bottom right corner. It will look something like this. Confirm the dialog with OK. Repeat for all dlls that you copied in the directory. Restart 3ds max and Voila. It's going to work. I hope this will help some other people that had the same issue. Cheers!