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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I have this error... Cannot read property 'worldTransform' of null Any idea?
  2. Hi there, So I have been developing a game for a university assignment with phaser and it has been going great. I am currently experiencing an issue with physics and collisions and I was wondering if somebody could help. I know the physics in the 1.1.6 are still meant to be a bit ropey in areas but even still I think there must be something wrong. I have number of rocks that have been added to a group and on each update I am calling: game.physics.collide(player.sprite, [rocks, gates]);The issue is this is working very inconstantly. It works most of the time but sometimes the player is able to pass right through the rock objects, I have attached two screen shots demonstrating. Could this be something to do with the order that I am colliding the player in relation to when I call the players update function? Thanks in advance for any help
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