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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys and girls I'm an indie developer of a gaming website related to desktop, mobile, console and web games. It's free to add your games with direct links to official stores (even if you don't get much traffic it's good for your SEO/ASO probably). Besides, I have a simple API for web games, with methods for authorization and payment processing. However my web category right now is almost empty, and I my minor goal is to make it more populated with games. I'm making this project in my free time, and mostly doing some dev things, however I'm also trying to grow it's rankings and doing some marketing. Is not going very fast and hard to compete with existing sites, but I love to do that. So, basically, I'm looking for game developers, who doesn't mind publishing their games on an indie and yet-to-be-grown project. Everything is discussable If you feel like we can give each other a hand of help on this tough way to success - let me know please. Thanks for attention!
  2. I know this is a new topic which applies to all 3D websites in general. I've searched the world and beyond (google) and have found nothing on the subject, which is not surprising. Does anyone have any tricks to make a 3D website SEO friendly? For example, if you have a scene with 4 different rooms, it would be neat if those 4 rooms could be accessed by 4 different URLs. That means users can bookmark those locations, go Back, refresh and search engines can index them. This is also useful for stuff like Facebook open graph and standard web analytics frameworks. There are currently no standards for 3D SEO. I think its about time we come up with some
  3. Hello everyone, Famo.us posted a demo and sign up on their blog today, for those of you interested in mixed mode (rendering to WebGL and DOM simultaneously). The blog post is here: http://famo.us/blog/coverflow-demo/
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