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Found 5 results

  1. Free Multiplatform Game available on Android, Facebook and Chrome Web Store.Soon iOS and Windows Phone versions will be added.Project website: PlayStore: Web Store: comments and suggestions are welcome!
  2. Is there any way to implement ads on Chrome Web Store? Anybody tried? I'm not asking about in-app purchases, I know it's working, just can't find anything about ads in official documentation for Chrome Web Store.
  3. Hello lovely people. I've been working on a game with Phaser, and just released it on the Chrome Web Store. It's an arcade style game, inspired by Space Invaders and Pacman. You're a lone tank commander, in the middle of a desert with limited resources. You have to survive an alien swarm until help arrives. Here are some screenshots: Thanks to Richard Davey for his work on Phaser - I had a blast using it! If people are feeling in a generous mood, please leave a review on the Chrome store. It will help other users decide whether to play the game, and will help me improve as a designer PS If anyone is interested, I wrote up the process of making the game in a blog post.
  4. So yes Chrome has its own local storage API. I used{"item": itemValue});and"item", function (result) {console.log(result);});For all my storage calls. The problem I face is Phaser.js includes localStorage statement somewhere inside of it, which doesn't allow me to view my game at all. So Instead I get this error in console: window.localStorage is not available in packaged apps. Use a black screen. What would you do in this case? Is there some functionality I could turn off in Phaser or I just don't bother with Chrome Web Store at all?
  5. Hi everyone. We've been experimenting with the Chrome Web Store for a while and thought we'd publish some info on the publishing process in a blog entry: The section on packaged apps uses a PlayCanvas game for illustration, but the steps/advice should hold for any HTML5 game. Hope you find it interesting. I'm curious about other peoples' experience with publishing games to the Chrome Web Store. Particularly on the monetization side (since I didn't cover that in the article).