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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm Cutler Cox. I am a junior in highschool who is looking for people to work with on the "Student Game Developers: Got Game?" competition by clay.io. I am a beginning coder, so I am not going to be perfect, but I work hard to be the best I can be. I'm looking for an artist, but other roles are welcome because I would like this game to be polished and well thought out. Most likely the project will be in phaser, but if I am unable to get it going on that, I'll go for impact.js because of the great available resources, and the competition gave me a free license. Once again, all help is wel
  2. Hi there, I finished my game and I included scoreoid leaderboards, but it seems they´re not working properly and they´re not answering my email so I´m gonna change to another platform. So, first question, what do you guys tell me? What should I use? I know clay.io but, is this just for games hosted with them? I just need to read/store scores, nothing else
  3. Play now (This game was developed for the clay.io/gotgame competition , please play&rate if you like it!) Who would have ever thought chemistry would be so challenging?! Squeeze your mind in this brain teaser puzzle game and try to obtain all the chemicals. Description: Chemicals Obtained is a grid based puzzle game that mixes chemistry , engineering & brain teasing! Test your skills now and see if you can use the correct tools and obtain all the chemicals! Screenshots: -- - Playable on desktop , mobile or tablet!
  4. My first HTML5 game, made in Phaser, has been entered in the clay.io "Got Game?" contest for student game developers. If you play it and take the time to leave a rating or review, you directly help my chances of winning, so please play it and rate if you enjoy. Brickety Split The game is about building the tallest wall you can by avoiding bricks that fall from the sky as enemies attempt to trap you. I wrote a detailed post-mortem of my development process. You can read it on my website: http://nathanielnelson.com/brickety-split-release-post-mortem/ And if you have any feedback, pl
  5. Crazy Grandpa with a Chainsaw Game Jolt (with leaderboards) Clay.io (with leaderboards) You're old, crazy, and you have a chainsaw! Can you survive the insanity? This is an action-arcade game where you use your chainsaw as a tool for survival against up to five different types of enemies. The more you kill and survive, the higher your score. With online leaderboards on both Game Jolt and clay.io you can compare your scores to those of other players. Features music by Dalin Anderson. My personal highscore is 411 with a survival time of 83 seconds. Screenshots:
  6. remvst


    Hey guys, as Clay.io's competition is now over, I can safely present my entry : Radiation. Radiation is a platformer/shooter highly inspired by Half-Life and Biolab Disaster. The goal is to rescue scientists and to kill as many creatures as possible without dying. The game should be pretty difficult, as I really tried to give a feeling of a true disaster, and to make it really dynamic. About everything can kill you, you always have to stay on your toes. The game works on both desktop browsers and mobile devices (a controller will show up to let you control your character). You
  7. "I just got off the phone with a friend and advisor of mine, Tim Campbell – VP of Third Party Development at GameForge. We spoke a bit on why HTML5 hasn’t completely taken off yet for games, and what needs to happen for that to take place… this got me thinking, so I decided to flesh that out some, and write a blog post about what areas HTML5 games are lacking in. Given my role at Clay.io, I see a lot of HTML5 games. In fact, I’d argue I’ve played the majority of HTML5 games – good and bad. The recurring theme however, is the lack of a few core elements that are commonly found in popular mobile
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