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Found 4 results

  1. I recently participated in a JAM with the "time travel" theme, and I ended up using Phaser for testing. I ended up producing a mini-game like Wario Ware, where the player must follow an action for a fast reaction on the stage. Each stage is based on a specific era in time, so the player may find yourself running from a Dinosaur or in a gun duel in a western background. Also, this game uses the tap action ("clicking" with a mouse or "tapping" on a mobile screen), so you may tap really fast on a stage, tap only when something appears on screen and etc. I really want this game to become a co
  2. Hello html5 game devs! I'm a software engineer in between jobs right now looking to do some extra work on the side for cool projects. My background: I grew up in NJ, got a mathematics degree from Rutgers U and have been working as a flash developer for the past few years. I was sad to see actionscript 3 fall out of popularity because I just thought it was a really pretty-looking language. Over the years I've used it for desktop games, video players, real-time socket connection mmo games, starling mobile apps, database connections, spinning up servers, basic banner ads, 2d animations..
  3. Hey Guys, Just had an idea for a kind of Monaco clone that I think could be like a cool Community Collab. I sketched a little demo of what I mean...if you don't know what Monaco is, look it up. Right now in the demo you just try to find one coin I hid in the level...arrow keys move and space checks for the coin. Check it out at www.monacoclone.comuf.com. I can't really do this game alone, as well as I think it could be done and I think it would be cool if we all came together and made a game. So waddya say?
  4. (Following the suggested format++.) Summary: Bootstrapping WebSocket technology for games. About me and my technology: I'm a software engineer and have developed a framework for distributed systems (such as multiplayer games) and a WebSocket server. I'm almost imagining that every game developer in the world knows that WebSockets are by now, even if you haven't used them; but there's a short description at the bottom of this note(*) in case you haven't. I was one of the first in the world to have created a standard compliant WebSocket server and have had a simple online demo runnin
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