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Found 4 results

  1. I have a bjs/node/webpack app in which the inspector is completely blank/unpopulated (see attached screenshot). No console errors. No network/load errors. Have tried explicitly npm installing and importing inspector but no change.
  2. I've been working on creating low poly tree assets for a game that I am very slowly trying to develop. I know there are various scripts for tree creation but I wanted something a little more Canadian, so I wondered what I could do with Blender and instances. So I took a look at the BJS demo of trees that uses instances. Opening the debug layer on this scene seemed to produce odd results.(see Image below). 1. As I move around the scene the number of draw calls keeps changing - the highest I get is 102, yet the total number of meshes is 107. Why does the number keep changing and why so high? 2. The debug layer indicates that there 7 textures used but looking at what the textures are indicates that four of them are the same ? These type of results I get if I use the Sandbox with my own scenes gryff sits back in his chair wondering what the forum Sherlocks are thinking cheers, gryff PS And if you "want to go down in the woods today",here is my scene with trees (2 different trees, 100 of each so 2x the BJS demo in terms of meshes). I have included some stats including drawcalls which never gets above 5 (two for each tree and 1 for the terrain).
  3. Hello everybody, As you surely noticed it, the old debug layer has been reworked in something bigger... called the "inspector". This tool has the goal to become the 'F12 tool' of our beloved engine, without replacing the official editor. It's dedicated to HELP the developer by providing some debug features. You will find almost every feature from the debug layer, and much more: display shaders code, display textures used on materials, check stats, enable lights... All properties are refreshed almost in real time (actually every 200ms for performances reasons). AND you can update any value (among strings, numbers and booleans) by clicking on it and pressing 'enter'. Sure, there is still work to do and bugs to fix. But in the current state, we decided that it is already more useful than the debug layer was. I'm still working hard on it, don't worry ! You can also help me a lot by reporting every kind of bugs in this thread and even contribute to its development. In the next days, I'll first fix all the annoying display and integration bugs. Then, I'll work on : - Restore clickables labels from the old debug layer (for Dad72 and DK ) - Update the documentation (of course) - How to contribute (add a new tab, add a new tool, change panel color theme...) - Add new features ! (Cameras, particles, textures, audio, animations...) - <insert your suggestion here> I'm having a lot of fun to work on this, and I really hope you will find it as useful as I do ! Cheers
  4. @Temechon Is there a way (or can we adda way) to show the new Debug Layer in an external window from the debugLayer.show command (and NOT have it first displayed on the side and have to hit the 'external window' button). I would to initially show the debug layer in an external window using some kind of option switch of course What do you all think about that one
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