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Found 5 results

  1. Hey. I would like to know about drawCalls and their optimization. For example, there is an atlas, one of the pictures with additive blending mode. - Can we do it all in 1 drawCall. (If possible, explain why it is impossible and how it would be possible). The second question, is the developer Yggdrasil in his games uses sequence, an atlas filled with sequences. My developers said that the sequence in Pixi js is bad, and it is better not to use them because of optimization. But Yggdrasil normally uses them and is not afraid of it. Do they use webgl instances? with vertex shader? Can you tell me?
  2. hi. how can i reduce drawcall.. first. i packed images. effect 2 image ui 1 image map object 1image bg 49 image( doing culling) char main - 1packed monster - one by one but my game draw call is not low normally 30-100 and hardly 100-1000(200 same monster use two skill(2 effect by spine)) and. i'm using pixi-particle and this is using high drawcall T-T is drawcall up if container layer is complicated like following example? for example iconObject(Container) has like following - icon image - sprite - count - bitmaptext - name - bitmaptext - special button - sprite - bg - sprite how can i reduce drawcall? please give me tips..
  3. hi everyone~ ex: i clone 100 meshs form thesame mesh.they use thesame material, but drawcalls=100....why? how to reducing drawcall?
  4. hi all, I've been trying to improve performance on mobile devices. For that, I'm watching draw calls with a plugin I found on this forum ( can't seem to be able to find it again though ) What I've learn by testing it is that mutliple tilesprites using the same texture are inducing a draw call each. Is that something to be excpted? Does sprite batching only work for sprites? Thanks
  5. Hi, Is there a way to batch sprites together to save precious drawcalls (mainly on devices) when they originate from the same sprite sheet? From what I see it seems atlases are used only as sources of bitmaps, they don't batch sprites together. Or am I wrong? Is there any other way in Phaser? Sorry if I missed it somewhere in docs, examples or here on forum, but I completely failed to find any bit of the information. Thanks!
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