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Found 2 results

  1. N3RD

    Game.Scene Question

    Hello, I come from an AS3 Background and have started working with panda.js. So far I am getting used to it, but i do have a question for understanding. What is the difference between: Game.Scene.Container vs Game.Scene.Stage vs Game.Scene.World? I have worked with nape before, so the world is for physics i take it. But where does scene.container and scene.stage differ from eachother? Thanks, N3RD_L1F3
  2. In an example, using timers to spawn an object, the objects themselves drop to the bottom of the "world bound". How would I implement collision detection to the bottom of the world bound. In other words, how do I identify when the object touches the bottom of the world bound. My plan was to replicate this timer and remove the object when it touches the bottom of the world bound. How would I implement this. So far I've created a 'remove' function for when I figure this out. Pseudo code of what I was trying to do is down below: update function:, [BOTTOM OF WORLD BOUND GOES HERE] , this.REMOVEFUNCTIONHERE, null, this);What would go in the "Bottom of World Bound Goes Here" to make it so that the object when colliding with the bottom of the world bound, like in the link given above, executes and then I can call a function to remove it. Thank you in advance.