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Found 1 result

  1. Hello. I'm excited to share my first HTML5 game - Trade Wars: http://tradewars.io It's a space mining and trading game built for Tablets (mainly), though you can play on the Desktop and on some phones (barely). It was made primarily using jQuery, featherlight (for lightbox menus), and Move.js. On the backend it's powered by Ruby on Rails 5 using the new Action Cable framework for some more interactive click responses w/o having to do full roundtrips to the server via xhr. The Premise Tap to mine one of three space resources randomly: Carbonite, Platinum or Ultimatium. Each resource has a different rarity level. Once you've maxed out your first ship's cargo capacity, you can upgrade your ship using the Navigator -> Upgrade Ship menu option. This gives you a mining multiplier boost and more cargo storage. Then you can create a Trade Outpost. This will transfer your ships' cargo to the outpost, where it can be bought and sold by other players (and AI bots). You can only mine on a planet so long before Space Pirates come along and threaten your space booty. There's a Leaderboard in the Navigator to see how you stack up against other players. I like the idea of how Hearthstone resets its rankings at the end of each month, so that's the plan for Trade Wars. On the 1st of every month, stats will be reset, ships are set back to starting levels, trade outposts demolished, and players start from scratch. Eventually I want to have the option of the player viewing ads for bonuses, or offer a PRO membership option to bypass ads entirely and receive some bonuses. What do you guys think? As I mentioned, it's my first HTML5 game, so please be gentle, but I'd appreciate your feedback.
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