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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, I want to render a mesh using some raycasting and collision detection. So the basic idea is to create a circle using segments, and use the lines made from center and points on circumference as rays. I could then use line-line intersection to check collision. Now, the problem is that the circle either cuts off entirely, or doesn't render correctly: You can see the result is not correct, I've done some naive implementation in the playground, Pixi Playground link. Also, what would be the best way to do such kind of raycasting?
  2. Hi. I try to fade-out animation with mesh object. My Problem is : mesh object doesn't look equally transparent when its alpha is between (0,1). It looks like attached .png file. Whats wrong with me? I checked vertices, uvs and index data but it seems correct as far as i can understand. I changed vertices index clockwise to counterclockwise and situation is changed, but can not get equally transparent. here is codepen:
  3. Hello, I'm experiencing weird behavior positioning a PIXI.mesh.Rope object using Canvas renderer (PIXI v.3.0.10). I put the rope object in a new container and position the container to a fixed point. Now, whenever I change the Pixel ratio (chrome dev tools) and reload the game, the Rope object inside the container moves around to a different location. The position of both the container and the rope object are still the same (debugged it), but visually the rope object inside the container is not in the same place. Secondly, applying width and height to the rope object will not change anything using Canvas renderer. can anyone please confirm that they have the same issues, or maybe suggest something that could cause this behavior. again, all of this does not occur using WebGL renderer thanks.