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Found 4 results

  1. I was working on a scrollview solution for pixi today and after trying few approaches like using `pointermove` event, `pixi-viewport` that yielded relatively poor performance I landed on a custom solution where I overlay scrollable div over pixi canvas and then on that divs `scroll` event I update my containers y and x values. This works insanely good in terms of performance and keeps some things like scroll bounce on ios, so I am happy with it. The issue as you might guess is that this div covers canvas and I can't disable it's pointer-events, otherwise I loose ability to scroll. It does however have same positioning and size as pixi canvas beneath it, so I was wondering if I can take events from this div like pointerdown / pointerup etc... and somehow trigger them on pixi's canvas / stage element as well to sort of "pass pointer events through that div down to canvas".
  2. I'm upgrading an existing project from pixi 2 to pixi 3. In pixi 2 I could load an assets several times and it would automatically: load it the 1st time but use the cached version on subsequent loads. (and simulated a load complete as well, so everything works nicely) this was very handy. Now with Pixi 3, a second load of the same asset triggers an error : Resource with name bla.png already exists. So now I need to fix ALL my loads to check if an asset has already been loaded or not (while the loader itself also does this, but only throws an error) I know in the examples you only load something once, so its an issue you don't really encounter. and I'm hoping this is just a little missed feature or something. or was this change in behaviour on purpose? (i.e. having the programmer implement lots of extra checks which were previously done by the loader)
  3. I have a static Container object that I set to cacheAsBitmap = true. Even if it is static. Changes sometimes occur and wich means I want to redraw(/reCache) it at the next render. I accidentally viewed the documentation for Pixi 2 and saw updateCache which seems to be what I want but I can't find it or anything similar in the documentation for V3. How do I do this?
  4. When I initialize a Text and add to Stage, everything works fine except the `fill` style. I even tried to copy the example: var text = new PIXI.Text('This is a pixi text',{font : '24px Arial', fill : 0xff1010, align : 'center'});The font is correct, but the color is always black. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
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