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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I want to use babylonjs to develop a game, but it requires a lot of modeling and animation, and I want to implement it in the following way. I have these files below: 1.A model file (including skeleton and model, but no animation); 2.Multiple skeletal animation files (including bones and animation, but no model); This problem does not exist when I merge the model and the skeleton into a single file, but in such a way it is necessary to re-modify all the model files every time you add a skeleton action. So, I want to control the different actions of the model through multiple skeletal animation files. What can be done to load the model and skeleton separately, and then control the action of the model through a specific skeleton animation file?
  2. Hello all, Just wanted to let you know the Creature Animation Runtimes have been updated for Pixi.js: https://github.com/kestrelm/Creature_WebGL The new updates also involve support for the latest features, including Skin/Item Swapping, Anchor Points etc : https://twitter.com/KestrelmMoon/status/888977982605348864 Here is a short trailer of what Creature Animation Results look like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAk06tuQw80&feature=youtu.be Cheers
  3. Hello all, Just wanted to let you know the Creature Animation Runtimes have been updated to work with Phaser 2.8 CE: https://github.com/kestrelm/Creature_WebGL The new updates also involve support for the latest features, including Skin/Item Swapping, Anchor Points etc : https://twitter.com/KestrelmMoon/status/888977982605348864 Here is a short trailer of what Creature Animation Results look like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAk06tuQw80&feature=youtu.be Cheers
  4. Hi everyone. I'm trying to import a 2D skeletal animation in BabylonJS made with Spine 2D Animation. They have multiple runtimes to export the animation to Three.js, Turbulenz, Unity, etc. But not for babylon. Somebody has made this work?
  5. Hi, after few days of work I managed to play skeletal animations exported from Spriter tool in Phaser: For anyone who is interested I wrote article about it here: http://sbcgamesdev.blogspot.cz/2015/09/phaser-tutorial-phaser-and-spriter.html You can see working example on the page and you can also download whole MSVC 2015 project with full source there. Currently tweening between bones and sprites is only linear. Other curve types has to be implemented yet. Also features specific for Spriter Pro version are not implemented (like events, sounds, character maps, ...) Good news is, that it should work for both WebGL and Canvas. EDIT : added support for curves on timelines - currently supported is instant, linear, quadratic, cubic. And also added support for animating anchors on sprites.
  6. Whoa! Okay, there are two parts to this. Case/Issue 1: Scene picking info for animated rigs only obtains picking information from the first frame of the rig animation. I've setup a test case, http://jsfiddle.net/7x0nkh0g/3/ , where there's this cube that is being animated and moved by this bone. You can click on the cube to change it's colour between green and red. Clicking only works if you click on the mesh where it was at the first frame of animation. Doesn't canvas picking info casts a ray into the scene and looks for active faces everytime? It appears that it's using the first frame of the rig as if it was not being animated at all. This issue occurs from files exported from both Babylon and Tower Of Babel exporter from blender. Case/Issue 2: Using the Morph Extension (ver 1.1) and Tower Of Babel to import and animate shape keys created in Blender, on a mesh that also has skeletal rig and animation, morph shape offsets are relative towards the Rest Position (edit mesh position in Blender before the mesh has been set to a pose by a rig). Using the previous jsFiddle example: http://jsfiddle.net/7x0nkh0g/3/, clicking on the blue circle morph's the cube's shape into a pyramid. Only the top four keys are morphed. Notice how the top four keys try to move towards the rest position of the original mesh instead of following the translated skeletal rig's first frame. After discovering this, I created another animation rig but this time, I set the first frame of the rig to match the original rest position of the mesh and then have my usual looping animation after that. In Babylon, I then set the rig animation to skip over that first frame. This is sort of a work-around but it actually works! See: http://jsfiddle.net/7x0nkh0g/4/ The cube is being morphed to a pyramid correctly now, while still being animated by a skeletal rig. I've only tried this trick out on the test case. Can't wait to try it out on my facial shapes on top of a skeletal animation. I read in some old threads that JCPalmer might have a working copy of the Morph Extension version 1.2 hasn't been released? I'm getting depreciation messages from BJS using this old Morph Extension: "BJS - [22:36:45]: Mesh.updateVerticesDataDirectly deprecated since 2.3." On a sidenote for those test cases I've created, if you click on the blue circle to morph the shape of the cube first, then you can't click on it to change it's colour later. JS gives an error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'subtractToRef' of undefined". Click on the cube to change its colour first and then clicking the morph next works fine however. If you need the blender file, I've attached it. cubearmatureplusdeform.zip
  7. Hello all, I am the dev of the Creature Animation Tool ( http://creature.kestrelmoon.com/ ) Today I checked in a change to the Creature Phaser WebGL runtimes to enable the loading of our new FlatBuffer Binary File format. This allows you to pick between either current JSON format (which is useful for debugging) or the faster and more compact binary FlatBuffer representation. The docs on how to use the new file format have been updated: http://www.kestrelmoon.com/creaturedocs/Game_Engine_Runtimes_And_Integration/Phaser_Runtimes%20.html The new runtimes are here: https://github.com/kestrelm/Creature_WebGL The conversion toolchain to generate the binary file is also on github here: https://github.com/kestrelm/CreatureTools To see a Phaser WebGL demo of an authored Creature Animation, please take a look here: http://www.kestrelmoon.com/creature/demo_ice_demon.html Here is another Phaser WebGL demo of a walking Pheasant: http://www.kestrelmoon.com/creature/demo_pheasant.html Here is the new 2016 trailer for Creature: Cheers
  8. Hey, I must apologize for asking so much or in such large scale. but there's some stuff that wont just "click". I do not ask u to tell me precisely how to do but more like how its done in theory. I'll try to categorize the subjects with numbers or something to make the questions more easy to answer. 1. first things first. I'v read something that i cant use "actions" from blender. how i should make the skeletal animations then? in one big animation that contains all the animations for Walking, running and idle ect. and somehow using the frames of specific range in babylon.js? 2. Then how about the gearing and character customization? I know that i could place the sword for example by appending it to bone or something, but how about clothing and character hair; do i create the clothes as objects in blender and then display the wanted item or change texture? 3. does anyone know a good page to read about these? =) - Thanks, eljuko
  9. Hello Phaser Devs, Creature is my new advanced 2D Skeletal and Mesh Animation Tool designed for indie game devs in mind. It also supports Phaser as one of the export formats. Phaser Support (WebGL required) I just added in Phaser support for the Creature playback runtimes. Check out the Phaser playback demo here: http://www.kestrelmoon.com/creature/demo_phasor.html The above demo shows a Phoenix character authored in Creature and exported out for Phaser. The whole animation sequence was automatically generated using a combination of wing flap motors, bone motors(for the floppy tails) and path motion transfer. Creature docs for Phaser are up: http://www.kestrelmoon.com/creaturedocs/Game_Engine_Runtimes_And_Integration/Phaser_Runtimes%20.html What makes it special - A tool that allows you to automatically generate complex motion: Walk Cycles, Hair + Cloth Dynamics, Floppy tails. This results in huge time and cost savings. Automated results can be further tweaked by hand for additional polish. - Designed for complex rigs and meshes from the ground up. Powerful tools for rigging, auto bone weight generation etc. Uses advanced Dual Quaternion skinning resulting in higher quality poses - High end VFX features in a 2D animation tool: Motion Capture, Path transfer, Rotoscoping, Soft Body Dynamics - Full control of animation spline curves over the entire timeiine - Export to Sprite Frames, Sprite Sheets, Gif, Movies, FBX and Game Engine Runtimes (Unity, Cocos2d-x, LibGDX, MonoGame and WebGL frameworks) More information about the Creature is here: http://creature.kestrelmoon.com/more_info_2.html Trailer: Windows Port is underway I have had many requests for a Windows port. I am hard at work right now on the port to make sure it runs on Windows. Right now about 2 / 3 of the core modules are already running in Windows. Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for reading this post. Cheers!
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