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Found 6 results

  1. Hello guys, i'm new on this page, and need some help with coding the server of a multiplayer online game (one like slither.io ), so i started doing the server with socket using the tcp protocol, but i don't feel that is the right way, if someone know's about directions or a book on handling multiplayer connections, streams, good practives on creating players objects, no matter if i code a small server but i want to do it right. I hope i can get my answer and help others in their problems. sorry for my bad english . have a good day.
  2. Greetings. I am trying to create a multiplayer game with Phaser. I need some orientation though. I was wondering how do you create a list, which can probably be an array or a js object that stores, in the client side, the connected players. I would need that in several situations => for example, when a new player connects I would check that list and create a new players according to the information stored there. I am not sure how can I create such a variable that would keep all the players info because when a new player connects I think that the variable is generated again which means the previous players information will not be contained there. Also, about the physics, how would you take care of collisions? Should I implement normal collisions in the phaser update loop and then with collision callback send the data to server and take care of it from there? And for example phaser physics gravity? How should I take care of that in a multiplayer game
  3. Hello. I am trying to make a multiplayer game with phaser and socket.io. Should there be a normal phaser update function ? Or only the server update loop ? I heard that that stuff should be controlled in the server side...
  4. Hi there, so i built a fairly functional open world multiplayer game, however, when I first started building it, i built it as a singe player game and set up the variables and things i will need to be sent from the server in a way that it will easy to be converted into multiplayer. Today I dove into that adventure and right off the bat I am having issues with phaser and nodejs. To be insanely clear because any other thread I have found about this topic thinks everyone wants to do this, I do NOT want to run phaser on the server side, I just want to be able to use socket.io in my game and I cant right now since my game wont even load. This is the error it throws when I load my page, no matter what I do, always "Phaser is not defined" GET http://xxx.xxxx.xxx/assets/phaser.js 404 (Not Found) (index):214 Uncaught ReferenceError: Phaser is not defined My server that I am running on node: var express = require('express'); var app = express(); app.use(express.static('public')); app.get('/', function (req, res) { res.sendfile(__dirname + '/index.html'); }); app.listen(80, function () { console.log('Example app listening on port 80!'); }); I removed socket.io from it until I can actually get my index.html to load. I believe i have to use static directories, and I believe it works because I can load all the images from my assets directory (where phaser.js is) fine form my browser. In my index.html, phaser is called in my header as shown: <script type="text/javascript" src="assets/phaser.js"></script> Am I doing something wrong? ANY help is appreciated. I dont care how I get to the end product, I just want to be able to have a server side connection from every client to send and recieve variables on connection/disconnection. Before I switched to node, I was just using an apache server to run my index.html. Thanks for any help! P.s: Could this be a problem with express? I havent tried it with a standard node http server.
  5. Hi there, http://www.circlebattle.com The code is at https://github.com/chiefsmurph/circle-game This is my game called Circle Battle. I currently have it set up where there are different "rooms" which have different kinds of gameplays. But because there are not a lot of players currently, I am thinking of going to a system where players are paired up as they arrive and then I would set up a way where they could set the circle radius, speed and whether or not intensity mode. It's still very much a work in progress, but there has been many hours put into developing the game. John
  6. Hi there, I'd like to share with you guys that we launched the first alpha version of Cube Club Soccer: http://cubeclub.gamestd.io It's a realtime soccer game, where each player is an actual soccer player. Feedbacks are very welcome! We want to make it dead simple to play and have fun instantly! Screenshot
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