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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all! I use Blender for modelling. I've found out that mesh's instances can greatly improve performance, however I've got 2 issues after importing scene in Babylon.js: 1. There are no collisions with any instances except "parent" mesh. In Blender collision checkbox is set and affects all instances (no chance to set it separately, but that's OK in this case). How to enable collisions? 2. There are no tags for individual instance. I can set them for "parent" mesh, in Blender tags are visible for all instances, however they are not accessible from Babylon.js. How to set different tags for individual instance? Thank you!
  2. I want to add a new feature in the Blender Exporter but it seems like from this conversation that you guys do not want to have userData. I already made a pull request for tags, but I want to set more special variables specific to my project in Blender using Custom Properties. Tags is limited and I was wondering if I should try to make userData export from Blender, similar to what the Threejs exporter does. I already have part of this done here. I only implemented the export and not the import. I stopped when I saw the conversation about userData.
  3. Hello everyone, I would like to achieve a similar demo in babylonjs effect. Click on the Digit Transform camera view. How can I add text in the babylonjs scenes tag and add a click for it after the camera event. demo URL:
  4. BabylonJS's Tag module uses for (var i in arr) { ... } looping style, this gives error when we add custom methods to array prototype as follows Array.prototype.sayCheese = function () { console.log("Cheese!!"); } // with above sayCheese added var arr[] = ['majeed', 'found', 'a', 'bug']; for (var i in arr) { console.log(arr[i]); } // output: // majeed // found // a // bug // function Array.prototype.sayCheese() {} [not string a function object] Which result in i.trim is not a function exception in Tags._AddTagTo function Solution: use for (var i = 0, len = arr.length; i < len; ++i) traditional loop ( I want to contribute. Is there contribution guide or should I just make changes and make a pull request?
  5. BABYLON.Tags does not seem to be working with serializer See demo click "Save" button then "Load" - works click "Tag It", "Save" then "Load" -fails , console shows error message "Uncaught TypeError: i.split is not a function" See source html for code.
  6. Hi! Perhaps i found another small moustached features 1. If we turn on tags for object (EnableFor(obj), but not set any tags, then SceneSerializer save lexeme like this: "tags":{ } It's Ok. 2. If we try load such scene file, we got error: babylon.2.2.max.js:27559 Uncaught TypeError: tagsString.split is not a function I think we need check string of tags on empty, we haven't split string in this case.
  7. Hi there I'm just getting started with Phaser, so hopefully this isn't an old/silly question. I've been using groups in my game and they are pretty handy. I figure they are like adding folders to the hierarchy view in Unity (where you can group a bunch of elements together). I notice that it has a forEach method you can call that quickly cycles through all the entities inside the group. However, groups are a container for any mixture of entities - for example I might have a group called "titleGroup" made up of several different UI elements. This makes applying actions to groups difficult since I can't be sure what methods are available. In Unity we also have Tags. These let you tag entities by their type, which is separate from groups which are just a container of entities in the game world. The main advantage of tags is I could do a forEach on a tag type and know that every entity I'm cycling through is the same type. For example, my container of UI elements might have some buttons, a window, a image, all in a group call "titleGroup". With tags I could say 'foreach entity with tag 'button', set as disabled". Likewise, I might have 3 groups of enemy types, but if I do a linecast I don't want to cycle through all three groups manually, I would prefer to just do 'forEach tag of Enemy'. Does Phaser have anything like this?