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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, I need help from somebody who know tink.js. I'm making a small game in pixi.js where I'm also using the tink.js library. In their introduction they are telling me to use this function to do something on click: = () => { //Do something when the pointer presses the sprite }; But it just sends me an error in the console. The structure looks weird to me.. Can this be the right way to use it? I have a text, where I want something to happen when it is clicked, so I used t.makeInteractive(varD); And then in the play function = () => { console.log("pressed"); }; But it just returns [Error] SyntaxError: Unexpected token ')' What am I doing wrong? Also, is there an easier way to do something on click? Perhaps just using pixi.js without tink.js? Hope someone can help