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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I am a novice on Babylon. I explain my problem, I created a plane with some vertices with Blender and then I export it in Babylon.What give us this, a grid of vertices (vertices ? i'm not sure if it is called vertices, vertex, intersections, dots, or other name) : I want to create an animation which make the vertice move. (An animation on a vertice, not on the all mesh) I can get an array including all the position of each vertices (x, y, z) : [0.8603,0,0.8436,1,0,0.75,1,0,1,-0.0401,0,0.8269,0,0,1,-0.25,0,1,-0.25,0,-0.25,0,0,-0.25,-0.0702,0,-0.1036,0.6698,0,-0.2934,1,0,-0.25,1,0,0,0.3603,0,-0.1564,0.5,0,-0.25,0.5969,0,0.0835,0.4031,0,-0.6832,0.5,0,-0.5,0.3068,0,-0.5568,1,0,-0.75,1,0,-0.5,0.6598,0,-0.6905,-0.613,0,-0.1865,-0.5468,0,-0.3636,-0.5,0,0,-0.6531,0,-0.6665,-0.6103,0,-0.8402,-0.5,0,-0.5,-0.1003,0,-0.6731,-0.0501,0,-0.4198,-0.25,0,-0.5,-0.5,0,0.75,-0.5,0,1,-0.75,0,1,-0.4165,0,0.3035,-0.5501,0,0.5802,-0.75,0,0.5,-0.1404,0,0.1798,0,0,0.5,-0.25,0,0.5,0.4031,0,0.8168,0.5,0,1,0.25,0,1,0.5,0,0.25,0.5,0,0.5,0.2934,0,0.4131,0.8736,0,0.3904,1,0,0.25,1,0,0.5,0.6497,0,0.5769,0.75,0,0.0936,0.1531,0,0.3168,0.25,0,0,0.25,0,0.75,-0.3703,0,0.3035,-0.2066,0,-0.0869,-1,0,0.25,-0.8202,0,0.1464,-1,0,0,-0.75,0,0.0936,-1,0,0.75,-0.6932,0,0.6932,-0.2901,0,-0.6731,-0.5,0,-1,-0.25,0,-1,0,0,-1,-1,0,-0.75,-0.8603,0,-0.5902,-0.75,0,-1,-1,0,-0.25,0.75,0,-0.887,0.5,0,-1,0.75,0,-1,1,0,-1,0.1999,0,-0.7934,0.25,0,-1,-0.1932,0,0.6932,0.75,0,1,-1,0,0.5,-1,0,1,-1,0,-0.5,-1,0,-1] I know it is possible to extract the 3 coordinates of each vertice to create a vector3 for exemple. But I don't know how to make the animation. The animations seem working only on Mesh, but not on vectors, vertice or others. I have the idea to create 2 planes. The first with the initials coordinates of the vertices. The second plane with modified coordinates.And then, create an interpolation between the both plane, but I don't know how to do that. Can you help me ? Thanks
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