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Hi All,


I am looking for a reputable state of the art HTML5 Games Portal company to partner with and launch its games with mobile operators on a revenue share basis in the middle east.


Please refer any Russina, Polish, Turkish, Chinese, Indian or Europian companies you might know.


Appreciate your cooperation and response guys.

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Hey all,


I started HTML5 game development six months ago at work and learned a lot in this time, since I have never developed any game before. I recently came across this forum and really like your community. And now I joined you :)


At work I am currently developing a melonJS based platformer game for a client. The game is quite close to be finished. I'll start optimizations and packaging with CocoonJS and node-webkit soon and I am sure I will search for some help in this forum too.


My private plan is to develop another small and cool 2D game with melonJS, since this engine really impressed me so far. But as I also got curious about Phaser I will maybe also try to develop a game by using this engine. Maybe I am even going to develop the same game with both engines and compare the effort and performance afterwards. Is there someone interested in the results?


Finally, my dream is to develop a 3D multiplayer strategy game similar (but of course not of the same quality) to C&C Generals or StarCraft as I do really like those games and have some cool new ideas for this genre. Although my skills are really not sufficient until now, I am already putting some parts together in my mind. That's why I am following the development of the PlayCanvas engine, which seems quite powerful to me. But until today I did not find any complex game as a showcase, so I am not sure whether it is already the right time to develop a serious game with it. Maybe I will start a discussion on this in a later post.


I am glad to be here and looking forward to follow your posts.



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So it seems introducing myself here is the way to go? Hi folks! Name's Adrian, I have known and read this forum for a few years now, and only registered yesterday. I make some games in my free time, most of them Web games. And I just released version 1.0 of an Entity System for JS library that I've been working on for some time.


Those days I am considering coming back to writing a real, big web game, hence my post. Looking forward to reading from you all!

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I'm Elisée, one of the developers of Superpowers, the just-open sourced HTML5 real-time collaborative gamedev IDE. Just recently discovered this place existed!

On 2/14/2013 at 3:22 PM, rich said:

So please register and take part - and if you've a suggestion for new boards that should be added here, just let me know.

Superpowers is an extensible HTML5 desktop app that lets you make all kinds of creative projects, on your own or together by inviting people to connect to you. You can plug project types into it, there's already one for making TypeScript games with a Three.js-based engine, one for making Lua LÖVE 2D games, one for building static websites, and more are coming! (Phaser anyone? ^_^)

proyb6 suggested on the GitHub repo that people might want to have a forum to discuss Superpowers here. Sounded like a good idea so here I am :). I'd be happy to make a introduction post with background info & useful links if that happens.


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Hi there, dear gamedev community.

I am a big fan of HTML5, Unity engine and Steam community. Me and my team are engaged into game development (HTML5 and Unity) and we are going to release are first indie games this year.

I also develop , a gaming platform and community for HTML5 indie titles. I am open for any propositions from indie developers and I can publish, review and deliver exposure for your game absolutely for free. If you are interested in promoting your game and getting some extra marketing then contact me.

I am a big fan of HTML5 gaming industry and new titles, so this is like a hobby for me. 

Thank you all for greetings and yeah, nice community. I enjoy this site and your commitment.

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Greetings everyone,

I'm Vítor and I've been a programmer for as long as I can remember.

I always loved Video Games and made small projects (using libraries like SDL and Unity) but never went far since I know it takes a lot of work.

After seeing this Flappy Bird tutorial I fell in love with Phaser and decided I should try making a game and see what happens.

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Hello dear community,

This is my story. My passion is Xbox games and a lot of time I've played online I met absolutely different people. And I think that it will be cool to create a social network for gamers to easily find players around you. Just choose what games you like and you have to expose your interests in gaming and play together.

With this idea, I started developing from scratch. Then I realise, that gaming is more than console games, and include in my roadmap HTML5 and Flash games. Now it looks like gaming platform or catalogue of HTML5 / Flash games, also Xbox / PlayStation game reviews. Open for any kind of partnership just write me .

Thank you for reading

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