Tesseract Hyper Gunner

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Hey folks, here's a game me and buddy worked on last year. It was our first HTML5 game built using the Contruct 2 engine (a way older version from what it is today). It's still quite buggy and not as complete as we wanted it to be. And the sprites and other gfx aren't quite as consistent as we wanted it to be. However, i do plan on rewriting it using Monkey pretty soon.


Basically a fast pace retro platform shooter. The goal is to acquire all the spinning "tesseract cubes" to progress to the next level. Killing an enemy may yield a fruit. Collect 10 fruits to unlock a new gun weapon. Try not to die. If you die, you will lose all your fruits and cubes but you will respawn to try again. But don't worry...its normal to die many...many...many times. The game is a bit tough, even for me. There have been a few badasses from New Zealand, and Korea who've somehow managed to beat all 5 levels. Good luck!


BTW, this is web browser only game, will not work on any mobile devices! And use Google Chrome for best performance.


Controls : 

AWSD - move

E - change weapons

Left Mouse Button - shoot

Right Mouse Button - jump








Play it here :

Normal Version

Full Screen Version (if your system can handle it)



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