Keygames: a new way to publish your games

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It looks really good.


Can you provide more details about publishing games:


1) Do you offer monetization or allow developers to use their own ads?

2) Do you need api?

3) Whats the publicity regular game can receive in a month (I am not talking about maximum, but average)?

4) Do you keep buying exclusive and non-exclusive content?

5) On desktop Chrome I tried to open a game from your sig and it didnt worked - just rotating squares shows up.


Thanks and good luck!

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Thanks Funkyy!


1) We can do both based on a revenue share.

2) Yes:

3) Together with our other portals over 5 million unique users a month. A single game could get around 25.000 gameplays if popular. 

4) Yes.


5) - Do you have an adblocker running? Cause that would cause the games to be stuck on the preloader. 

- If not; would you remember which game you were trying to play?

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Hi, no I have adblocker disabled for your portal.


No loading problem was for Jelly Madness, I tried access it multiple times with no luck. Tried again just now and again I see only loading squares...


Thanks for addressing the questions, this helps a lot!

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Ah thanks for the feedback concerning the website! Really appreciate it. I have a fix for that issue, unfortunately i can't deploy on fridays :(


Really hope you guys will like this platform! I am sure that this is going to boost html5 games, even in the slightest. :>>>>>>

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In other words, a popular game would be played by 0.5% of your users? O_o


Thats true. We have over 10.000 games on our portals. 



Doesn't sound profitable for me too. I think a fixed license fee is better (for devs ;) ).


We're also interested in buying games for a fixed license fee. Please mail your games to

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