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High Seas Smuggler

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Edit: I got a lot of outside responses about the game and decided to hold back on release. Instead, I'm going to label this as an "open alpha" and continue to improve it! Expect things to get much better and lots of updates!


Hi everyone! I've finished my game after lots of work! Check it out if you can!


Play as a Spice Smuggler in a kingdom just entering its age of exploration! Travel between towns, buying spices low and selling them high while fighting off Pirates and the Navy, who want a piece of your booty or want your booty at the bottom of the sea respectively. Trade your way across the kingdom and maybe you'll survive long enough to make it rich!




If you're interested in the android version, there's a downloadable version in the link above, as well as here.


hjYZcHB.png?1  HThAC20.png?1


pQBMB6m.png?1  HhcFdpU.png?1



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Very nice game, congratulations on getting it done.


What are your plans for the future with this ?




I'm hoping to add a little more juice to it (make combat more pretty, maybe create a better color scheme for the town menus), and upload it to a few more sites like Kongregate or Newgrounds.

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