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Hello Friends!!!


Here is my New Autorunner game for Mobile Browser.this game can be played in all mobiles and all resolutions and browsers.I have tried to present this game as gameboy model lets see how this works :)


Link to play on mobile device:






yet to add tutorial but here i tell you the controls:


Jump/Fly up      Right button on top left of screen


Bend/Fly down  Left Buton top left of screen






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Nice graphics and atmosphere (music + sfx). I would agree with Chris, it's more natural to have the controls on the bottom. I'd suggest having the controls semi-transparent if you don't want to move the ground up (above the controls). Or, use gestures instead.. so swiping up is jump, and swiping left or down can be slide -- which means you won't need the buttons.


I also notice a bug, on the start where you're supposed to move the cartridge down, if it's passed the intended location (too much downward), it won't start. This happened to me as I quickly move the cartridge down all the way until it doesn't show and nothing happens. I had to refresh and try it the 3rd time by slowly moving it down.

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