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RPG Maker is the only one I know of, but I've no idea if it exports for the web (I suspect not).


To be honest I think you might be better off just sticking with Phaser (or whatever framework you feel best suits this game) and then arming yourself with a decent book on RPG game mechanics. Because really RPGs are mostly about the mechanics behind the battles, AI, monsters, etc. The actual display of the characters and such like is usually pretty basic. I guess the only area it gets really tricky is with the UI, so you may want to look at frameworks that have especially strong UI tools (I don't know of any free ones, sorry!)

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It will be a crowdfunding project. In case we do it, I'll use phaser. After your reply I don't see any reason to switch frameworks. I'm quite comfortable using phaser. 


Some times I wonder if you are just a person or if there is a whole team using your accounts. You have time to write in the forum, maintain and develop phaser and produce your own games ... wow!


For me it's difficult to chew gum and cycle at the same time.

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