Group creation with rotation

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I am pretty desperate (yeah, again).


Can you please look at this code and tell me, what I am doing wrong with function addGroupOfBunnies?


I just want to generate bunch of sprites with body and then make a collision between player and each sprite from group. 



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this.groupOfBunnies = this.add.group();

        this.groupOfBunnies.enableBody = true;

        this.groupOfBunnies.physicsBodyType = Phaser.Physics.ARCADE;

addGroupOfBunnies: function(){

        for(var i = 1; i < 10; i++){

            this.pos = this.bunniesPos();

            this.bunny = this.groupOfBunnies.create(this.game.world.centerX, this.game.world.centerY, "player");

            this.bunny.name = 'bunny' + i;

            this.bunny.rotation = this.pos + Math.PI / 2;

            this.bunny.x = this.game.world.centerX + Math.cos( this.pos ) * ( this.radius + this.bunny.height / 2 );

            this.bunny.y = this.game.world.centerY + Math.sin( this.pos ) * ( this.radius + this.bunny.height / 2 );







    bunniesPos: function(){

        return this.game.rnd.pick([/*0, 0.314, 0.628, */0.942, 1.256, 1.57, 1.884, 2.198, 2.512, 2.826, 3.14, 3.454, 3.768, 4.082, 4.396, 4.71, 5.024, 5.338, 5.652, 5.966/*, 6.28*/]);


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Hi, I finally managed to find the problem, in the render method you can't debug the group itself, you must loop it, like this:

this.groupOfBunnies.forEachAlive(function(bunny){    this.game.debug.body( bunny );}, this);

Also, you're missing to include phaser.map in your src folder.

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