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New 3D WebGL based engine - AexolGL.js

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Hi guys,

I am a mobile developer and I am currently working on a multiplatform game engine. In general the idea behind is:

"One code, many platforms"

The engine should be ready by the end of the year. It will allow users ultra fast coding for many platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows (PS4 in the future) with

Python or C++.

Meanwhile I have published a WebGL based web version on my engine working on

Safari, Chrome & Mozilla (javascript)

. What do you think about this engine? What are you general expectations? What can I do better? How can I make coding faster, better experience for devs?

Free engine downloadable here:


Some examples here: 


It would be awesome to hear some feedback from you guys! Take care!

PS: Use arrows to drive a Ferrari example:)



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The last time I worked seriously with a 3D engine was Irrlicht.


The main issues I had were the lack of some basic functionality that I have seen in pretty much every engine since:


1) Easy functionality for the rotation of the camera around a point in the world (instead of around itself). I see you have the standard camera which is set at a point and looks around, instead of a camera which looks at a point, instead. That is the kind of camera that anyone making anything other than a 1st person view needs.


2) A z-index ordering for polygons sharing the same plane. I had to recompile the engine for this one.


3) Documentation. This is a weak spot for 99% of everything. Documentation matters. Documentation is why PHP destroyed the competition a decade ago.


I see short documentation, I see long documentation. I see documentation with examples, I see documentation with interactives. None of that matters unless the documentation can work as a quick reference, is free of debilitating jargon and obsolete miscellania, is written in perfect English, and has appropriate and relevant links.




It's nice you made an attempt at documentation already, but I see a lot of obvious mistakes already. The text is extremely small, there aren't enough examples, there are grammar issues, and there's too much empty space.

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