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Postbug - a retro inspired digging game

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Hi everyone, I've just released a beta version of my first game called Postbug. It's a retro inspired digging game and I've been working on it in my spare time over the last couple of years. The game runs in Chrome, Firefox and Opera on desktops/PCs (sorry Safari, IE, and mobiles and tablets are not yet supported). What's interesting is I've cross compiled from c# using the Saltarelle Compiler and use Pixi.js to render using WebGL. I'd love to hear your feedback and any advice on how to promote this game since this is a new area for me. I hope you enjoy both the game and the difficulty level :-)


Here's the link:




Here's the Trailer: (edit 4/12/14)



...and here's the pitch:


This retro inspired digging game will have you eating bugs, dodging spiders, breaking webs, pushing boulders, diving underwater and left in the dark praying those noises are just your imagination...




Harness the power of speed, fire and electricity; or maybe command a swarm of killer bees to wage war against the spiders! Only true Postbug Legends will survive the 16 grueling rooms that make up the most dangerous mail run in town. Do you have what it takes to deliver all 33 letters?



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Hi Phempt, thanks for playing my game :)

Yes the graphics definitely need improving and that's one of the things I'm hearing in the feedback. I've tried to go for a very simple look. I even had a texture look for the background but replaced it with a flat black which gave it a level of extra 'crispness.' Choosing between textures vs flat colours has been a difficult decision for me. The graphics is something I will revisit and experiment with and may seek help from an artist in the future.


Just curious why you had that reaction to the graphics. Was it because you didn't like the style or because there wasn't enough polish? Also what style would you prefer to see?


I'm glad you liked the gameplay. This is an area I really enjoy working on.


RE framework: I use Pixi.js and SoundJS (from CreateJS). I've also crosscompiled from c# to JS using Saltarelle because I enjoy working with strong typed languages. 

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Hi everyone, I've just finished a trailer for this game. I've started a number of games in the past where the outcome wasn't exactly how I envisioned. This trailer however pretty much represents my thoughts when I started designing this game 2 years ago. It's great to see it all come together :- ) I'm not happy with the quality, but it's time to move on...


(NB I've also added this video to the original post)
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I've just put together a new blog post on Postbug's game design objectives: Postbug is a game which encourages experimentation, exploration, and strategy building during gameplay. An aim of Postbug was to create an emergent system consisting of objects with a diverse range of attributes and behaviours. These objects include grass, dirt, rock, water, lava, bugs, eggs, spiders, fish, and crabs. In order to survive, players will need to experiment with their environment to learn how these objects behave and interact.


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Sorry Gustavgb, I only just saw your post.


This is now fixed. The touchscreen block can now be bypassed by pressing any key on the keyboard. See how you go with this, and I'd love to hear your feedback on the game. My brother says that this runs well on his Surface Pro, and I soon hope to begin testing on these these devices soon (with touch input).


I'm having touble working out how to identify phones and tables, but not excluding devices such as Windows 8 at the same time. I want to avoid using the user agent (which is the general advice out there). This is probably a question I'm going to throw at the html5gamedev community sometime soon. I thought it'd be a good idea to detech touch devices, however as you mentioned this line is becoming blurry. Google Chrome has also started sending false positives on Windows 8 for devices which don't have touch support. I figure this is to suggest the browser can handle it if the hardware does, however it would be good to have better hardware detechtion in browsers. My solution so far is to detect touch devices, but then allow the user to override with a keyboard (as I mentioned earlier).

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Hi everyone,


I've just published Postbug on Kongregate. If you have a Kongregate account, feel free to fire it up. Any support would be appreciated :-)


Postbug is a HTML5 game which plays in Chrome or Firefox on desktop computers:




This new version includes a Premium mode which includes new bugs to play:



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