[Completed] Swordless Knight

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Nice art! 



- The menu buttons could be jazzed up a bit, they don't have any animations!

- It also wasn't immediately obvious what the ghost did. At first I thought it gave my a big boost upward (because that's what happened). So I kept trying to hit it until I died.

- The game definitely needs a tutorial.

- I was hit by a sword and jumped out of the map even though I had a heart left

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Hi Sam, I took your suggestions and finished the game :)


Added simple tutorial (I want players to figure it out tactic on how to beat the game), added few effects and now ghost will vanish right after hitting you.

Thanks for support :)

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I've reached 22 and unlocked the second character so far. Do further ones have any super powers? If they do I'll continue to see that.

It seems that you as a developer of this game should gain such a level of skill which would allow you to play it almost inifinitely and 35 is really far from it:) I think it's because it's just too hard to not be wounded by enemies - there's many situations when you jump to crack ceiling and there's not enough space to land and avoid e.g. skullman. And it might be like that - you play, play and play and your skill in jumping and avoiding obstacles not increases significantly. It would be a little bit annoying. Maybe lower amount of obstacles and destroyable ghost would help. And it's really hard to avoid this spiny obstacle in corners.


When it comes to the tutorial. It doesn't say that you can destroy pot, wizard etc. and you can't destroy ghost. 


Funny art:)

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