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JumpSlide Boy - A Casual (but Irritating) Runner Game

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I have just released my first game made using Pixi.js.

It's a really simple app that's similar to those runner games on the marketplace,

but this one comes with some special moves and controls that make it stand out a little. :)
Here's a brief description of it, hope you guys like it!

JumpSlide Boy

gamedev_icon.png  gamedev_info.png


Combine your moves to get as far as you can in this survival run between boxes!


Game Features:
- Simple but innovative controls: tap on the upper or lower half of the screen to perform your moves!
- Quick runs are fun and straightforward, but to break records you need to master your reflexes!
- Cute graphics: a bright and funny world will make you never lose hope!
- Day/night cycle: as you keep running, the time of day will pass and your visibility may become limited, making your runs even harder!

You can check it out here: Android, iOS
(NOTE: It's been just released a day ago and it will be available on iOS aswell but it's still in the review process, so sorry about that but I promise I'll update it with a link once it's done!)

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JumpSlide Boy is now on the AppStore!
(I have updated my main post with a new link as promised.)

Due to apple's new policy though, it includes a 64 bit binary aswell and that effectively doubled its size.
I issued an update that'll hopefully "fix" this if apple still approves only 32 bit apps. (2015 January 1 is the limit.)

Good luck running and stuff!

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