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More control over antialiasing

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In the game creation it is possible, by the 7th parameter, to choose to use antialiasing or not, but is there a way to control the level of it?


In my game, disabling it ensures 60fps at all times, but having it on puts me down to about 40fps. It definitely looks a lot nicer, but it also seem to be very expensive, on my system at least.


Considering the major difference from on/off I suspect antialiasing is at more than 2x, but I am unable to confirm this. What I am looking for is somewhere in between, where it still looks alright and the performance difference is not as major as now. Where do I control this stuff?


Also, questions that has to do with rendering stuff, should I rather ask them in the PIXI forum from now on? That is good to know.

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The antialiasing in browsers is not the same as the antialiasing in 3D apps, such as games. There's no real configurability to the smoothing applied, as in most cases it's just switching between different texture filtering modes, I believe nearest-neighbour or bicubic.

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