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MightyEditor Challenge!


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Hi babkamen,


for sure you can create the same game using Phaser and MightyEditor. In my opinion time spent on the game is not as much depending from Phaser of Flash but polishing. It is one of most time consuming things in game creation.


I recommend you to check path manager plugin http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/8335-phaser-path-manager-sneak-peak/ 

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I can just confirm what shmikucis already said.

You can definitely do that in phaser. But also in Flash.

A person with the same experience in both technologies will probably need the same time no matter what tech he uses.


So this is more a question of what technology you want to use. HTML5 is definitely the future and flash is gonna die soon or later. (IMHO more soon than later)



 ...but polishing. It is one of most time consuming things in game creation

I fully agree!

Often I spent more time on title screens, menus, tutorials, etc than the core game itself.

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