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Universe is a simple game where you have to discover planets through the universe.

There are some hazards around so you have to gather resources from discovered planets and improve your ship to survive.

Return to your Space Station for Upgrades!










UP & DOWN - Foward / Back

LEFT & RIGHT - Rotate


X - Extract Resources

Z - Hold to repair your ship (needs Yellow resources)

C - Hold to refuel your ship (need Green resources)


M - To mute

F - To Fullscreen 


I made this game after watching a trailer of No man´s sky and impose myself a rule: dont make a shooter game.


Thanks to Wren (Alexander Petrov Sanchez) for this awesome music.

Thanks to Noid Hunter for the cover art.

Thanks to Abraham Monroy for helping me in some stuff (ISS has his name)


If you want to check more games please go to!


Send some words @jupitron or

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-You keep resources after dying.
-Now you start next to a planet to extract resources and get a handful to get going.
-Alien doesnt spawn too fast after killing them.
-Alien ships cant damage you when upgrading your ship.
-Planets now have something like a "sonar system" to easier access.

-Half damage from aliens and asteroids
-Ship health doesnt decrease when flying
-Upgrades are now cheaper
-Fuel usage decreased

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