[Completed][Phaser][Minimalist] Face it - Color Edition -

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Interesting gameplay. I don't like sound when hole opens and I turned sounds off after 2 minutes of playing though the rest of SFX are OK for my ears:) My best score is 63.59%. It's easier for me to control it by mouse than keyboard:) Have you tried to add the 3rd spin axis (now it's hard to cope with it when 2 balls of the same color are coming from 2 different directions)? I would like also recommend you to shorten animation of opening hole. I would willingly play such version again.

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Hi bambo,

Actually, I tried with 3 axis, but the gameplay was very repetitive.

With 3 axis, you always need just 1 click to get the right face in front of the ball.

Whereas with 2 axis, when the ball comes upside, it's pretty easy to get it right, but when ball comes from left or right, you must action the cube twice or 3 times.

I thought that was more challenging like that, maybe too hard, though.

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I can see it and I agree that it could be too easy - because then problems would come up only if you lost some face but it would be hard to lose a face if you had to take only one click to get right face for ball.

Update: I have beaten my best and reached 89.68%:)

Oh man, when it starts to create balls in all 3 directions at the same time it's getting really really hard :) , especially when at least one face is disabled. Does this game end when you reach 100%? I would like to come to the end but the need of going through all stages of the game (from 0%) again dissuades me from beating my high score. If the game ends after reaching 100% then for me it would be better when there were some threshold - e.g. 30% and 60% with the memory of lost faces (and when you reach e.g. 39% the next time you start from 30% with the same cube when you passed 30% for the first time; and if you passed it for the first time with e.g. 2 lost faces there should be also a possibility to start again from 0%). Then I could avoid first several dozens of percentages (which have became boring for me already) and focus on the stage over 60% which is still fun for me.

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89.68%, well done!


Your idea of checkpoint is great. 

I like the fact you keep the same cube, so it's still interesting to start again if you passed a threshold with one or two disabled faces.


From 0% to 100%, the game is scripted. You have the same colors every time you play. 

When you reach 100%, you are invited to continue in survival mode, so it's virtually endless.

In this mode, the game simply ends when you miss one ball.

I added this to allow the player to score on kongregate highscore board.

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