A "white box" appears when I touch on my iPhone5!

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My game is scaled for 480x320. However, on my iPhone5, there is a border due to the larger screen. This is fine. However, when I touch the game, I see a white square box blinking with my touches BEHIND the game's window. 


I checked out this topic:

To see if it would remedy the situation, but I'm still seeing the box.


Anybody with an iPhone 5 can see what I'm talking about by playing the game here:


Any ideas? Thanks!



Seems as though it only appears on Mobile Chrome! The plot thickens...!



Yeah, this was made in GameMaker: Studio

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Two solutions:

- add -webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0,0,0,0); to the element which receives the event.

- add a preventDefault() call to the event


There is the same problem with the Android browser: if clicking an element triggers a Javascript event, you will see the box highlighting the element.


If that doesn't work, I don't know what will :P

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