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As someone just starting to dip my toes into the HTML5 game development waters, I'd definitely prefer 4-5 games per book.

In all honesty - I'd probably get the book because 1-2 of the genres covered would be what I am actually interested in, but out of curiosity - I'd probably at

least read the coverage of the rest.


As for the format of the games, I really liked the format of this tutorial:


Specifically - the way it was arranged so I could load the game in progress during each step of the way to see what affects of the latest additions were.


So my vote would be for the format of the examples in the books to be similar - allowing us newbies to find their typos early on - instead of having to dig through the entire malfunctioning game to find 'em.


If one of the  books contains an example arcade top down tank game - I'll be one of the first in line to nab it :-)



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I loved Thomas Palef's approach, where he took one game from the beginning to end with possible suggestions on how to extend each game. 

My opinion is thus, 1 game per book, with possible links to other games to draw on parallel wisdom of other games. If you do go this route, it

would be great to then sell them for cheaper than say 4 games per book. 


My 2 cents


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Great idea! Can't wait to read them :)


Given how fast things change these days and how quickly Phaser is improved I'd prefer to have frequent releases with fewer games using latest practices than longer cycles with many games but maybe outdated.

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Hey all, first post here,


As a noob myself I would think it would make sense to introduce a certain concept per book and then introduce different ways of using that concept in order to get more mileage out of it. For example, you would learn the basics of Pong and getting the ball to behave correctly with the paddle, then you can move onto Breakout using what you have previously learnt. Or Space Invaders where you get people used to creating bullets/enemies then move onto the more complex "Centipede". Or.. Asteroid -> Defender (similar movement concepts as far as I know), or Missile Commander -> an Artillery style game. 


I hope you understand what I mean, I have been finding it hard going with some of the Phaser tutorials on the internet as they introduce a lot of unnecessary concepts first and it can really weigh you down. It would be nice to be introduced to game concept by game concept and then build upon it and open people up to experimentation. Its fun though, you can see the community is really strong! :)



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