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VEmpire - Kings of Darkness, Deck-building Game

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Since over a year now we've been working on VEmpire, a Digital Deck building card game - done in HTML5.

Although the game is far from a first playable demo we want to share the current state of the project and most important want to know what you think of it.

Please share your thoughts with us and check out the concept at:

Our announcement trailer:

any feedback is welcome!

Best Regards, Wolfgang 

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We appreciate to share details about the project with you:

VEmpire is build in HTML5/JS. It is indented to bring it to iOS with Ejecta http://impactjs.com/ejecta.
The game is based on the Impactjs game engine.
Due to the fact that this engine is designed for arcade and action games we've build our own card-game "engine" called "chassa" based on impactjs. We're primarily using the rendering, resource-managing and most important: John Resigs JavaScript Inheritance.
Because "Ejecta" does not "understand" HTML outside the boundaries of pure canvas stuff, the project does not contain any HTML tags for textboxes or labels.

If there is interest - we'd love to share more about our engine.

Don't hesitate to ask if any question.

you can checkout more about the project at: http://vempiregame.com

any feedback is welcome!


Best Regards, Wolfgang

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Hi All!

here I've written down some thoughts about game-design:


if interested in our project, please follow us on twitter:



thx & Regards, Wolfgang

some latest screenshots:

the board

class selection...
class I...

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Today is a big day for us, VEmpire got greenlit on steam!
Thanks to all our supporters!




and please check out the new game-play videos from ZeroBudgetGeek:







thanks, wolfgang

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 07.33.05.png

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Hi All!

We have some great news to share!

At the start of the game you are going to select your "King Of Darkness" now!


Here "Sisi" a "Queen Of Darkness"


And last but not least, please subscribe to the closed-beta (click below), which will be available within the next two weeks.
I would love to have you on board!


yours, Wolfgang

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Hi guys!

I'm happy to announce that we are currently preparing VEmpire for Early-Access on Steam!
The planned release date is 28'th of August!
I cannot share the store-page atm (but soon!) because I'm currently waiting for the approval!

But here the current announcement-trailer:

cheers, wolfgang...

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