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Red Spark

[Revenue share] Looking for a game designer for html5 mobile board game

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Howdy everyone :)


My name is Anton Matrosov, I'm a game developer operating under recently formed Red Spark brand.


I'm looking for a game designer proficient in board games to help me with creating an original, simple and engaging multiplayer board game intended to be played in mobile and desktop browsers, as well as a native mobile app. I'm more of arcade / action / adventure / war game person myself, so after a few failed attempts and boring, random and shallow prototypes of my own I've decided to outsource this part to somebody who really loves this type of games and is capable of designing something interesting on their own.


Project constraints:

  • 1v1 game
  • Online multiplayer, shared screen multiplayer, singleplayer against AI
  • Small board, preferably without scrolling / zooming - for example, simple 5x6 grid, etc.
  • Easy to pick up gameplay, basic rules can be illustrated by a couple of doodles
  • Basic player actions: clicking, dragging, swiping
  • Strategic emergent gameplay resulting from a few basic actions and rules
  • Fun, rewarding experience for both players, room for surprises and unexpected comebacks
  • Player or his tokens can progress / level up only inside particular play session
  • No physics-based gameplay of any kind (but animations are ok)
  • Not too heavy on art, characters and animations. Keep it simple, but engaging enough
  • Original gameplay, no multiplayer 2048 and bejeweled clones
  • Deadlines: playable alpha approximately by February, finished game in March.

Collaboration details:

  • You pitch me a few ideas in a very basic form
  • If I find your idea compelling I create a basic prototype in a few days and we test it together in multiplayer
  • If core gameplay turns out to be boring, the prototype is tossed away and collaboration on this idea ends here
  • If core gameplay seems to be promising we start collaborating
  • Based on further playtests you're refining gameplay
  • Based on your refinements I'm iterating the game
  • You're responsible only for gameplay mechanics and rapid playtesting
  • I'm responsible for art, code, ui, working multiplayer, playtesting and music
  • The game is intended to be sold as exclusive for one of the major html5 publishers
  • You receive 25% of all revenue after any fees and publisher cuts (if any)

My recent project:

Re:Z (available for non-exclusive licensing right now):



If you're interested in collaborating on these terms, feel free to drop me a PM or email me to hello [at]! I'll probably wait at least a week before making any decisions so please welcome. Also, please do not send complex design documents - only basic rough ideas with a few typical gameplay scenarios at most.



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If you are looking for boardgames designers you may look at, they have a forum with very talented professional designers. Your deadline may be a bit short though, it usually takes months (years) to design, test and refine the type of games you are looking for.

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