Chess Collects Stars - puzzle game

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Chess Collects Stars is my first HTML5 game.

It's a puzzle game based on chess, you collect stars with the pieces, solving puzzles and stuff :).


The game ( link:


I've released it on some platforms, but it hasn't received any views, I guessed I could share it here too, so some of you may like it ;).

I would appreciate any feedback.




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After clicking "Reset Level" button the game is broken

I'd prefer to see possible moves every time I pick up a figure, not just at the beginning of a level.

Thank you for the post!

Could you perhaps tell me the OS and browser you use? It would be a great help. I've never met with these problems, possible moves should be shown through the whole levels.

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Nice! The early levels are a lot like how taught my kid to play chess. The later ones introduce new mechanics that you have to explore without help, like the red flood-fill guys, which was fun.

The hardest part for me was realizing I could capture opposite-color pieces.

Touch controls were fine, and I liked the sound effects.

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