Cannot access children of group

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Hi there,


In the "group" tutorial (http://mightyfingers.com/tutorials/display/group/) it seems super easy to acces group elements, but for me it doesn't work.


I have a simple project here:



If you look in the play.js you can see the code. It's basically like this:

        this.playScreen = mt.create("Game"); // create Game Group
        this.gPig = this.playScreen.Pig; // but cannot get the children
        console.log("pig:" + this.gPig); // undefined -  But Why?



Any advise what the problem might be?

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sorry - seems that tutorials are a little bit outdated.


Everything related to MightyEditor now is under mt property for any object created by mt.create:



this.playScreen = mt.create("Game");// check out mt objectconsole.log(this.playScreen.mt);// pig is herethis.pig = this.playScreen.mt.children.Pig;

mt structure:


self: reference to phaser sprite/group ( phaser object )

data: reference to data object used for object caonstruction

children: map of all children - if you want array ( self.children - has been provided by phaser )

movies: list of defined movies - to fill this you should call mt.createTweens(myGroup)



basically the reason of this is that we wanted to return pure phaser object - before it was abstract object for groups and rised unneeded misuderstandings


I'll make seperate page for mt helper docs.

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