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Hello again,


Somehow the looping doesn't show the full length.


I have two elements in a group which I animate. They start at different frames and end at different frames.

I pulled the flag to the length I want, but it seems to only play the first 60 frames (guessed). Also both elements start at the same time.


You can have a look here:




For me, besides having a possibility to place all elements visually, the strongest part of the MightyEditor ist the animation. I really hope it will grow up more. Can't wait for the possibilities to add Easing and things.


I like that you can copy Keyframes. One thing to make it even more practical, would be the option to select and copy several keyframes.


Anyways, great work!


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yes you are right - there is a bug indeed with default movie length being 60 frames


I've replaced mt.helper.js with mt.helper.fixed.js - now looks like it works as expected


I'll push changes to the server and will notify you - so you can change back mt.helper.js (index.html file)

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