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ChangeLog 12/2014 - 01/2015


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During the last month we have made the following new features:


* user accounts - we have received complaints about lost projects,

a user could just clear the browser's cache to clean recent project list

and if he forgot to bookmark or save the project link the project might be lost forever.

Now you can sign in with Github / Google / Facebook - or just create a local account and access a list of all your projects.


Also you should know

that users are resolved by email address - so you can sign in with Github or Google into same account.



* subscribe options - if you like this project and want to support it the easiest way is to get a subscription.

Also for the subscribers we have added a nice feature to make a project more private

and a possibility to share the project only with a few people over the net.

We are also planning to give out some nice extras like free arts for our subscribers.



* tween animations - support for easings added and miscellaneous glitches fixed.


* all new projects will start with phaser 2.1.3 - working on to support the latest phaser version.


* smaller changes:

* sound upload fixed. (To add a sound file - drag N drop a sound file onto source editor's tree view and use it as in any phaser game.)

* miscellaneous checks for random strange inputs what made client to crash (e.g. x coordinate set to "a")

* image update works correctly again

* corrected z-index for default loading bar in new projects




What you can expect in the next releases:


* Phaser 2.2 for all new projects;

* Project revision history;

* Simple vector drawing tool for drawing boxes and/or polygons - which can be used as placeholders while prototyping OR as a raw data - e.g. for physics body description;

* Option to define multiple scenes. e.g. Level 1 / Main Screen etc;

* Sound plugin - with automatic format conversion + automatic loading from project;

* One click export:



stand alone





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I have to admit, I'm not much a fan of subscriptions. (I personally prefer to buy once and install it on my computer.)

Is the monthly fee like a contract for a whole year, or I could unsubscribe every month? Because I usually don't do much games. So I would use MightyEditor more on a project basis.



I didn't know there is even support to upload Audio in MightyEditor. Any recommendation regarding format? (ogg, mp3, wav) And are Soundsprites supported?



Is there yet a way to add Tweening in the animation panel of the editor? Or how could I set it on elements I've animated in the animation panel? 



Another Thing, I stumbled across is, it would be nice to have more flexibility with Image Sprites:

(A little better sound quality, I hope)



Good work guys.

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Thanks for good words :)


* Monthly fee. It is charged from PayPal account each month so you can unsubscribe right after 1st month (or whatever long is your projects) if you want.


* Sound support. Yes sounds are supported but they are not documented yet. It works by dragging and dropping sound file into source editor file tree. Sound sprites are not supported and we don't plan to implement such feature in nearest future. If I am not mistaken then you can use .mp3 which is supported by all major browsers.


* Tweening. I didn't understood the question. Tweens can be added by "space" button on keyboard. If you mean easing then it can be done in easing panel on right side (there are 4 tabs: Settings, Physics, UserData, Easing).


* Sprites. I think you are referring to texture atlas feature. We have covered this in tutorial http://mightyfingers.com/tutorials/display/texture-atlas/ . Editor does support texture atlas but at the moment you can create atlas in one of online generators (there are links in tutorial).

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