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Moondo is a physics-fast paced-collect-one screen-highscore driven game.




Use LEFT and RIGHT to move the ball.

Use A and D to move the PADDLE.


Made in about a day, got to get around leaderboards, sorry.


Its buggy, hope you can enjoy.


If you want to check other stuff I did please go to:



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it's fun, hard but in that funny way when you curse the creater of the game and everything!


Thought, did I miss anything? The cube can move outside of the window (playing area) and well the game keeps going but the cube doesn't return, maybe some border collision or just plain when you move out of the box the cube is destroyed? I didn't play in fullscreen mode.


And the last one, curse you for gods sake CURSE YOU, my head nad my ego hurt after playing and failing in this game! :-(

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Nice game, but damn it's hard! Haha!

I like the music and, the simplicity of the gameplay and the graphics. I think it would be a little easier if the ball would bounce on the left and right side of the visible playing area. Nice work!

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