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Developing a Deck Building Card Game information needed please.

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Hi there,


Well this is my first post but it is most definitely not gonna be my last. Like it or lump you are all about to come on a journey. My small team of guys have been asked to develop a Deck building, collectable card game online. The game is currently only going to be designed for use via a browser and mainly a desktop game rather than mobile.


 The client is aware we have no experience in this or in game building in general but we do build systems and websites for clients and he is happy for us to lean and grow with the development of the game.


The game needs to be multiplayer with leagues and an AI for single players as well as if a scheduled game doesn’t happen so that an outcome can be determined.


The alpha version of the game just needs to be single player this is our target for about 8-10 months away.


My questions to yourselves is do you have any recommendations on what framework we should look at learning and building this type of game on.

We will obviously be looking at integrating and im hoping the game can be built in HTML 5.


So far it’s looking like the game play of the game will be along the lines of


Also tyrant unleased


Anyway I know not a massive amount to go one but any pointers would great.


Thanks in advance.



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Super personal preference here: Phaser and Typescript.


Phaser comes with all the nice things that PIXI offers + lots of utils to make game development easier.

I like Typescript because I'm studying Java and OOP so Typescript allows me to incorporate that knowledge into gamedev in Javascript.


Also I recommend the book "Game Programming Patterns" by Robert Nystrom. It's just amazing and will help you with organizing the code in your project and implementing some features you may need.



Good luck!

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