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Hi again,


there is no official topic for requests here, is there?


Anyways, while working with ME again, I stumbled some more things I'd find handy to have.


1) Duplicating Groups.

Maybe just another button in the dropdown of the object panel? 

Background: I layouted a screen or map and I know I need another screen with objects places in same positions. If I could duplicate the group, I only need to swap the elements or change the text.


2) Pasting elements in the same position.

Keyboard Shortcut "CTRL + V" or "CTRL + F" (common in adobe).
Background: If I selected several elements, then copy and paste them, they get placed differently. Especially a pitty, if you want to keep the elements in their order positions.


3) "ALT + Drag" Elements to duplicate.

Like in most graphic editors you can "ALT+Drag" elements oder "SHIFT+ALT+Drag" them.



These are all sort of related. And I guess 2) would make up for not having 1) for example.

Maybe there would more user feedback needed. Is just that these are some things, that I tend to do often.



Regards and thanks for already integrating the dragging of assets directly on the stage.*



* you could mention the functionality in the map creation tutorial: (http://mightyfingers.com/tutorials/basics/create-a-map/)

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I've added paste in place functionality - ctrl + shift + V - it works for groups and for objects.

Use ctrl + V to paste objects under mouse pointer.

Alt + drag also have been fixed - actually alt + click on the object will work same as paste in place (actually I didn't made that on purpose, but I left it to be - as it turned out to be also useful :) )





today I'm starting to work on exporter - and export to cocoon is in my list :) . Feel free to comment more additional - like scaling.

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thanks for your fast reply and integrating the paste in place functionality.


I now have to work more with ME for a client project and indeed always stumble accross things.




Some issues:


1) missing preload.png

If I export a project, there is alwas the default preload.png graphic missing and thus throwing an error (in concole).


2) export data only 

this is not working for me. nothing happens  >>> My fault. I just noticed Chrome is blocking a PopUp


3) webfonts

There is support for Google Webfonts, yes. Though I want to use custom webfonts. Therefore I commented out the relevant lines in mt.helper.js. Otherwise it throws an error. 

I don't know, maybe one could just have something like a boolean? ( mt.useMyWebfont = true) 


Within ME in the fontfamily dropdown it's not possible to list all fonts installed on the system, is it? For design and layout this would be great.


Also I noticed a span element gets added in the index.html. I guess this is a sort of hack for the font delay?! This is nothing bad, but not the most beauty and also was a little confusing.




One question:

By now I change some code by hand within mt.data.js (fontfamily for example).

I never did this to the mt.data.json file and yet it works. Where is the difference between these two?




More feature requests:


1) importing projects.

It happens, that ME gets updated, or one would like to go back to a former exported state of the project.


2) save as

I feel a bit strange things getting saved in the background. Also at certain achievements within the design process I would like to save it, to be able to go back later. Or when you experiment and want to save your last decent design. Or you want to present different versions...




Much success and good luck with the work for the exporter.

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1) I cannot reproduce:

  • does it happen only in exported version or in the web version (open game) too?
  • does it happen to a particular project or to all projects?

probably this could fix it:
1. delete Loading/preload.png from assets panel

2. upload a new version of the file

3. expand Loading group in the Object panel and change the texture for the loading object



2) Probably ME could show popin about popup being blocked :) 


3) Fonts are only usable in browser games.

Probably the best solution would be to add a font importer to ME and download font from google fonts for offline use.


ME could list all system fonts with flash plugin :) - it sort of breaks HTML5 idea, but it is better than nothing.

I'll add a checkbox - list system fonts - next to the font drop down.


The span element is added to force the browser to start loading fonts - it should be removed after a font has been loaded, but probably it remains due to an error.


4) Do not edit mt.data.js because it is an automatically generated file.

mt.data.json has the same data as mt.data.js - only in json format - if someone would like to load only data and parse it manually. MightyEditor doesn't use mt.data.json - only generates it.


at the moment, you can change font family in the following ways:

* add fontFamily to the object after it has been created;

* hack mt.helper.js and make a use of userData.fontFamily instead of the provided font family

* wait day or two and let me fix the issues with fonts :) 



about the features:


Import project - will be added - not sure when exactly, but eventually (probably after exporter).


Atm you can make copies of your project - and even rename copied projects like: My Game rev1, My Game rev2 etc. I agree that doing it automatically would be nicer.







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It does not appear anymore in new created Projects and neither after export.

Maybe it was just me, deleting the asset by accident or something...



Good to know Webfonts are only usable in browser games. Now I understand why bitmap fonts are getting used.

So, I guess for most people this then is not so much an issue.



For the moment, I only edited it for getting my font family used. But I'll soon try to get my head into that bitmap font thing.




I will stick to the duplicate project and renaming it. That's fair enough. Everything automatically makes me feel loosing control...


Thanks again for your quick reply and have a nice weekend,


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Hello again,


while working and using the good new shortcut to place elements in place, I was wondering about some things.


Within the objects panel, when I paste an element, it gets placed on top of all groups. I would assume, when I paste it, while having a group selected, it would get paste into that.


Another thing, the pasted element gets named back to the default asset name. It would be nice if it keeps the name and I can rename it myself. This is especially helpfull, if you use the same sprite in another group and would therefore keep its name.

I don't know how this is handled under the hood. But are the same sprites being used or will ME always create a new sprite used?


Cheers, and keep it up guys!

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